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Newbie tire question(2 posts)

Newbie tire questiongojoshgo
Feb 17, 2003 7:04 PM
I'm new to the sport and have a couple of questions about tires.

1) What is the difference between tubular and clincher tires?
2) How do you know which type of tire you need? (If either works, which is better?)

Thanks for your help!
in a nutshell...Akirasho
Feb 17, 2003 8:09 PM
... tubular tires have an innertube sewn inside the casing (thus creating a closed tube), and is glued to a tubular rim (you can replace an entire tubular out on the road, but repairs are impractical to impossible)...

... clincher tires (the most common type) have a bead (wire or aramid fiber) that engages a lip on a clincher rim... an innertube is inserted (and replacable) seperately, and inflated to "lock" the casing onto the rim (most flats can be repaired with a patched or new tube)...

The two are exclusive... for the most part. Tufo markets a tubular clincher... a tubular casing that has a bead built in to engage the clincher rim.

As stated above, clinchers are far and away the most common... and probably what you need. The characteristics that made tubulars desirable for racers have been successfully mimiced on high end clincher tires.

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