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Red and blue flashing rear lights(8 posts)

Red and blue flashing rear lightscp123
Feb 16, 2003 6:40 PM
Does anybody happen to know anywhere where I could order/buy red and blue flashing LED rear lights? I've got all the usual red flashing gear, but on a dark night on a busy road, they can just kind of disappear in all the other car lights. Recently I was overtaken by an absolute rocket on a bike and I noticed that he had a red and blue flashing rear light. It stood out sooo prominantly and I thought WOW! Perhaps because it looked like a police car light, it seemed to get the attention. I spoke to a couple of local bike shops here (Australia) and they didn't stock any.

Does anybody have one, does anybody know where I could get one. I'd be willing to get one in addition to existing lights - simply because the blue had great "stand out" value.

thanks claire
re: Red and blue flashing rear lightsfilly
Feb 16, 2003 6:42 PM
where you from? been to perth and sydney--love your country.
re: Red and blue flashing rear lightscp123
Feb 16, 2003 6:52 PM
Canberra. Much closer to Sydney than Perth. And because there are a number of cycle paths in the city, some car drivers think we should stay on them and keep off the roads. Hence I light up like a christmas tree if I have to.
Moving to SydneyPODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Feb 18, 2003 7:24 AM
I'm moving to Sydney in less than 3 weeks. I can't wait to get there. Any advice on clubs and such while I'll in Australia?

re: Red and blue flashing rear lightsDERICK
Feb 16, 2003 11:05 PM
May have been a cop on a really quiet motorcycle.
try this websiteroadcyclist
Feb 17, 2003 3:47 AM

Lightman Strobes are xenon strobe lights that come in a variety of colors (including blue).
try this websitecp123
Feb 17, 2003 2:54 PM
thanks roadcyclist. Perfect!
... not quite what you asked for but...Akirasho
Feb 17, 2003 8:16 PM
Vistalite offers a strobing unit with different colored lenses... I run several flashers on my UAV (both LED and Xenon) including a white and blue strobe along with a red Eclipse... very noticable. I use rechargable NiMh batteries for excellent overall economy.

One caveate... check with local laws on the colors... some jurisdictions restrict certain flashing tail colors... even on a bike.

Be the bike.