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Suggestions for charity fundraising needed.(5 posts)

Suggestions for charity fundraising needed.CJ838
Feb 16, 2003 11:25 AM
Okay, here's my site:

I have been raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for 5 years now (through Team in Training and other events). My son, nine now, has been surviving Leukemai for almost six years. My creativity in fundraising seems to be hitting a block. I'm looking for some suggestions to help me kick-off my fundraising this year.

I AM NOT SOLICITING FOR DONATIONS FROM ANYONE ON THIS BOARD. Should someone want to, great. I'm not trying to pisss anyone off by soliciting. What I am really looking for are creative ways to raise money. I know some of you out there have done this for cycle clubs, charity, schools and so on. Any help is appreciated.

Please check out the site.

re: Suggestions for charity fundraising needed.ZeGopha
Feb 16, 2003 12:11 PM
I'm not pissed. Or at least with you. (This weather we have really, really, really, okay you get the idea, it SUCKS!) One idea, you may havve already tried this. Organize a bike ride or race. If you are really looking to raise some serious cash you may look into directing a triathlon. To put it one way they make alot "sick cash."
Or, you could get a bike company to donate a bike, you could sell raffle tickets, and then give the bike to me(just kiding.) A lot of companies love to donate stuff for a good cause.
re: Suggestions for charity fundraising needed.jtolleson
Feb 16, 2003 2:42 PM
I raise $4k - $6k for charity every year, and I do it the old fashioned way ... by individual donors.

Several things have boosted my $$:

1. "Match" money. Whether you are giving it or have a big donor who will give it, get a pot of dough and then challenge a group (say, your workplace, or a party) to match it. Let them know that the charity only gets the match gift if they stretch a bit and pony up. You have got to get people to make STRETCH GIFTS not $15 throwaways.

2. Monthly giving. Some folks never have $100 at one time, but lots can go $25 a month for 4 months. Get your lower dollar donors to give $25 each month between now and the event.

3. Special sacrifice. I had a party and cut off my hair last July. We raised $2000, and the biggest donor got to wield the scissors.

4. Letters. Enclose a self-addressed envelope. People hate to waste the envelope. I sent about 50 letters.

Individual donors are the backbone of charity rides. You really won't find a local business to pony up a big check.

Good luck!
re: Suggestions for charity fundraising needed.Scot_Gore
Feb 17, 2003 8:02 AM
I particpate on a MS150 ride team. Most of my experience has been from a team perspective and not as an individual fund raiser. I do that too, but much more of my energies have gone into ways to make the team more successful.

1) If your event(s) supports the team concept, form one. The biggest single thing we've done to bring our total fund raising to new heights is attract riders to the team. We started with 30 riders in 2000, and last year had 75, and have set a goal for 100 team riders this year.

2) We put on several "events" in workplaces to attract people to team pledge sheets. Like Julie said, we havn't had much luck asking businesses for CASH, but we've had pretty good luck asking them to pay for ice cream and root beer to fund a MS Root Beer Float Party and then hit the attendees up for sponsorship for the cause.

3) Half the team is from the same company. That company offers a matching gift to charities. We assign a team member to administer the application for matching gifts versus leave it to each team member. Good for the team because we know we get the max match and good for the rider because they don't need to hassle with the grant application.

4) One of my team mates tries to do something to make the ride harder and more "donation worthy" each year. First year he rode it on his road bike, 2nd year his mountain bike, last year his single speed. He's still noddling what to do this year, he's secretive so far, but I think he's thinking Frankenbike.

re: Suggestions for charity fundraising needed.dogtum
Feb 17, 2003 4:57 PM
CJ...I have done several charity rides and my hat is off to you and your son. A friend of mine just did a great charity fundraiser in S.F. and raised tons...go to a local theatre owner and ask if he/she will donate a night at the movie for your event with proceeds going to your ride. Have people receive raffle tickets with there dollar amount of there$25.00 gets into the movie and 2 tickets $50 gets into the movie + 5 tickets and so on...he raised $ 15,000 in one night. Good luck...I am going to do this type of event in Phoenix.