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Technical question(7 posts)

Technical questionRaven1911
Feb 15, 2003 8:13 PM
When I pedal backwards (using my freewheel) my rear derailler seems to skip or want to guide the chain to jump to another cog in the rear. Why is this happening? It seems to be shifting fine lately when I am pedaling forward, maybe shifts a bit slow but still gets there. So why does it seem to bog up when I use my freewheel only? Any advice?

technical answer.the bull
Feb 16, 2003 5:17 AM
Is this a friction shfter bike?
freewheel or cassette?
sounds like the adjustment of rear derailleur is off.
but it depends on the kind of bike you have.
did it just start doing it or did you change any parts before it started doing it?
technical answer.Raven1911
Feb 16, 2003 9:32 AM
Ultegra set up with a 25-12 cassette. It just started doing it maybe a few days ago. Did not change any parts. Maybe just an adjustment or cable stretch?

technical answer.the bull
Feb 16, 2003 10:34 AM
try backin the barrel adjuster out (if the cable has stretched)
counter clockwise
esp if it is hesitating
I think you havve 9 speed sti shifters
let me know if this fixes it.
A stiff chain link will make the der pulleys jump. nmTFerguson
Feb 16, 2003 6:02 PM
but it would do it all the time not just when pedal.backwards.nmthe bull
Feb 16, 2003 7:40 PM
but it would do it all the time not just when pedal.backwards.nmRob Sal
Feb 17, 2003 6:15 AM
It can be caused by friction in the top jockey wheel. I have just sorted this problem out on my Record set up. Gentle back pedaling, only a few degrees, would rock the whole mech body backwards (which shouldn't happen normally). A quick cleaning of the trench bearings has sorted out this minor annoyance!