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any san diego bicycle club members out here?(9 posts)

any san diego bicycle club members out here?filly
Feb 15, 2003 5:55 PM
support your lbs (local bike shop)the bull
Feb 16, 2003 5:31 AM
maybe buy some parts for the shop in your area.
ask them where the group rides are while your in there.
Make some friends at the race you want to be in.
(post from past)
If there is no club make one!
Uncle Sam wants you! (to make cycling better)
Good luck in the race.let us know how you do!
tommy the bull
re: any san diego bicycle club members out here?Bruno S
Feb 16, 2003 9:42 AM
Yes. I live close to where the Saturday ride starts and have been doing it since 2000. I am a club member but do not race very often and haven't been involved with the club activities. I was a regular last year at the Wednesday training ride (crit practice) that Bob Brubaker puts together. That is an awsome training ride.
re: any san diego bicycle club members out here?filly
Feb 16, 2003 6:13 PM
were you out there yesterday? it was my first time out, and i'm definitely interested in becoming a member. everybody i met was "good people." i rode the development ride since i've never ridden with anybody else, much less a group that huge (must have been 50 or 60 people out there). additionally, i started road biking less than 2 months ago (i'm a former MTB'er), so i didn't want to get in a large group, do something stupid, and make about 30 instant enemies. anyhow, the ride was great, and i think i'll definitely jump into the intermediate group this saturday. i just wish i knew the route because there is no way i remember exactly where we went yesterday. that kind of prevents me from going to the front because i obviously don't know which way to go. does the club have a map or directions posted for the saturday ride somewhere? by the way, name's Felipe, and if you were out yesterday, i was wearing a white shirt, blue shorts, riding a red lemond buenos aires. oh yeah, i was also the only one with MTB shoes! i'm in the metamorphosis stage...
re: any san diego bicycle club members out here?Bruno S
Feb 17, 2003 7:35 PM
Last Saturday I rode the Butterfield Double Century from Anaheim but I'll probably do the SDBC ride next Saturday. I've never done the development ride but I would recommed doing it if a decent number of people show up and paceline riding can be practiced. As for the main ride, it is a challenging one. Most of the riders are not from SDBC but from local racing teams. This turns the ride into a race. The pace is fast and the attitude somewhat agressive and disrespectful of traffics laws. In an effort to correct this, a new "intermediate" ride was started in 2003. Most of the intermediate riders are SDBC club members that let the other teams go 5 min before.
I enjoy the SDBC ride very much and by now have every pot hole on the route memorized (probably I've done it about 75-80 times). Its a great route and a very fun ride to do since, as you mentioned, more than 50 riders start.

BTW you don't have to join the club to do the ride but I would recommend it.
re: any san diego bicycle club members out here?JerBear
Feb 16, 2003 6:25 PM
who? where? when? I'm local in San Diego (Rancho San Diego) and am looking for some group rides...Also, where'd you get your bike?
re: any san diego bicycle club members out here?filly
Feb 16, 2003 6:35 PM
hey man, what's happenin'? when i wrote "san diego bicycle club," i wasn't being generic. i realize now that it came across wrong. i actually meant the "San Diego Bicycle Club." anyway, that's the who part of your question. the when part is every saturday morning at 8:30, and the where part is the meeting place, or start point--they meet at the costa verde shopping center in UTC (park in the back part of Trophy's). numbers permitting, they do a developmental ride (for the newbies, experienced or not--you need to know the route), an intermediate ride, and the main group ride. check it out this saturday. i'm definitely heading out.

about the bike...i bought it (LeMond Buenos Aires) at the Trek store here in La Mesa. It was a 2002, and since i went shopping in january of '03, i got a $1500 bike for a little over $1000. i wasn't necessarily looking for a steel bike, much less a lemond, but i couldn't pass up the deal.

anyways, let me know your story. later.
re: any san diego bicycle club members out here?JerBear
Feb 17, 2003 8:33 PM
I'd love to go..however I work Saturdays (at the Trek bike store in La Mesa)..go figuere..I do go on a Sunday ride that leaves the store at 8 am and goes about 23 miles through Rancho San Diego and back..about 1.5 hrs..very casual..sometimes 2-3 riders and sometimes up to 8..just a thought..
re: any san diego bicycle club members out here?filly
Feb 18, 2003 9:10 AM
sundays at 8? cool, i might check that out as well. i might stop by the store sometime soon and find out the details. later