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Just when you think that you've seen it all....(5 posts)

Just when you think that you've seen it all....look271
Feb 15, 2003 12:17 PM
You go to your LBS to pick up some 'stuff and you see them working on this: It had hydrolic brakes f/r, front shock (of course!), and an internal 14 speed rear hub. I didn't even know that these things existed. The shop's cost for the hub was $750! Also, the stem had carbon spacers and it was also outfitted with Speedy-play frogs x2. All of this for a bike that will see duty as a rail-to-trails type bike. It was at least $7K.......
you've never seen some tandems...scrublover
Feb 15, 2003 1:06 PM
working it hard in a mtb race then, have you? i've seen some very nice, spendy mtb tandems absolutely kicking @ss off road, on some nasty trails. are you so sure this one is destined for the rail trails? rohloff makes the hub. very nice. compared to the cost and maint of a regular 27 speed shimano offroad set up, the cost isn't as bad. check out the van dessel sports buzz bomb.
you've never seen some tandems...look271
Feb 16, 2003 12:44 PM
Yep, it is destined for the rails-to-trails life. The owners are long-time clients of this particular shop, so I trust that the shop owner knows what he is talking about.
So what's the difference?Spoke Wrench
Feb 16, 2003 2:57 PM
How many 4 wheel drive vehicles ever see the end of the pavement?
How many Corvettes ever see 150 MPH?
Will my Klein ever even see 40 MPH?
If they feel like they can afford it, why shouldn't they have the exact bike that they want to ride on the bike path? It's not like it's the last one in the world and they're keeping someone else from using it. If somebody else wants one, Ventana will make another frame.
Feb 16, 2003 3:38 PM
It just blew me away that such a bike even existed, let alone me seeing one in a local shop. They enjoy riding it (apparantly) and that's all that really matters, isn't it?