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Giant TCR vs. Klein Quantum(2 posts)

Giant TCR vs. Klein Quantumcustomsteel
Feb 15, 2003 8:35 AM
Im in search of a second ride to take on the road to train with and keep my IF at home. Definitely looking for aluminum and the 105 groupo works well enough. I'm looking at an XL TCR 2 and a 61cm Quantum(last yr with no carbon!). Thoughts on stiffness and handling capabilities or any other comments regarding these two machines are appreciated!
re: Giant TCR vs. Klein Quantumronniedee
Feb 16, 2003 7:03 AM
I tried both last year and ended up going with the Quantum with the 105 groupo.

I never felt like I could get the all-important feel dialed in on the TCR. They come in only 3 or 4 frame sizes and then adjust fit by changing seatposts and stems. The seatposts are carbon aero-posts, (double-check this) so they are not as adjustable as a regular seatpost.

Besides fit, I thought the TCR had a harsher ride. This is true with most aluminum bikes, but it seemed as though I felt every single little bump.

Also, this is personal preference, but I still do not like the looks of a compact frame.

I love my Quantum. For aluminum, it has a nice ride. They really tuned this aluminum alloy well. I rode it side-by-side with the TCR and it has a much smoother ride, while there is no flexing when I attempt to sprint. It is very capable when cornering, but isn't very stable when going handless. That may be attributed to the combination of my handling skills and the tradeoff for the quick cornering capabilities. It has the traditional frame type-- level toptube-- that I prefer and the paint job is beautiful.

I thought the Quantum was very similar to the Treak 2300. You may want to give that a try, if you have a Treak dealer in your area.