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Zipp Wheel problems(7 posts)

Zipp Wheel problemsS-U-B
Feb 14, 2003 1:09 PM
just got a new pair of Zipp 404 and having a couple of problems. Both braking surfaces have a seam in them, but the one on the front is not smooth, and when the brake pad hit the seam it grabs. My second problem is on the rear hub. I put the cassette on but the hub itself wiggles a little bit, how do I tighten this? When I try to ride the chain just jumps all over the cogs. When I put a casset on my K's I put a spacer on first, but this does not work with the zipps either, no room for the spacer. I dont want to tighten to much or the wrong thing and destroy the hub. Anyone else riding/racing these wheels at the Cat4/5 level, or is this just overkill. I got a good deal on them, so I decided I would give them a try. Thanks for your help
sounds like overkill to meColnagoFE
Feb 14, 2003 1:32 PM
I certainly wouldn't want to risk wrecking a $1000 wheelset in the local bang-em-up cat 5 crit.
yep, save 'em for TT's and solo centuries, etc... -nmTig
Feb 14, 2003 5:17 PM
re: Zipp Wheel problemsmackgoo
Feb 14, 2003 1:39 PM
Are your bearings tight on the rear hub? What is it Campy or Shimano compatable? Is it the Zipp hub or something else? Call Zipp they are very supportive regardless of how you procured their product.
re: Zipp Wheel problemsdavtnyc
Feb 14, 2003 1:43 PM
if you're installing the cassette right it could be the bearings. zipp hubs have floating bearings, sometimes they float too much. you can't adjust bearings.

call zipp CS they're pretty good.
Don't touch anything and call Zipp...biknben
Feb 14, 2003 3:14 PM
Not sure what is going on with your hub but I wouldn't bother trying to solve it yourself. Especially if they are new. Call Zipp or the seller and get some help.

The seam in front rim is not acceptable to me. I'd demand a replacement.

I have a pair of '01 303s that I race with at the cat 4/5 level. I have to admit I'm very concerned about them getting mangled. I leave them at home for some races.
Don't touch anything and call Zipp...S-U-B
Feb 15, 2003 7:03 PM
good news. Wheels are 2 years old but are considered new because they were never sold. Shop promised to take care of them, if necessary zippwill send me a new wheel(s)