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Why no ride reviews?(2 posts)

Why no ride reviews?DSR
Feb 14, 2003 9:32 AM
As an mtb-er that's now dipping his toe into road biking, I'm starting to use RBR a fair bit as a resource. One thing I'm surprised about is that RBR doesn't have's trail review equivalent (unless it's just buried somewhere and I can't find it). Obviously the nature of road and trail rides are very different, but I'd think it would be great to have a board with peoples' ride suggestions organized by location. Maybe even some commuting route recommendations between popular spots again organized by locale. Wouldn't require a lot of work. Just a board that people could fill in. Obviously there is demand for this since I've seen books being sold with road ride descriptions and reviews. Seems that a free online equivalent would be a great resource. Let me know if this exists somewhere else. Thanks.

By the way, my used road bike is showing up today. We've finally gotten some much needed snow out in CO which has shut down the mtb trails for a bit since they're now all muddy, so I'm very excited to hit the road on a true road machine! S
That's a good idea, exceptKristin
Feb 14, 2003 9:54 AM
MTB rides tend to require less preparation. Go to this trail head... Thats about as complex as it gets. For roads there are so many routes to choose from. Plus, most people don't have chit sheets for their rides and couldn't tell you what street they are on. I know my way all around Barrington Hills, but I couldn't tell you all the streets I ride on. I rode it so much with a group that I just know where to turn and when. I couldn't put it down in bytes for anyone.