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Alright, my LAST post re: Trainers...(4 posts)

Alright, my LAST post re: Trainers...Ride-Fly
Feb 13, 2003 12:21 AM
I have it narrowed down to the 1upUSA for $300 (total w/ S&H), and the CycleOps Magneto with riserblock for $185 (total w/ S&H). But, and this is a big BUT, I have $70 worth of Team Performance coupons which will reduce my out-of-pocket costs to $115!! The $185 more that I would have to actually pay for the 1up is not really that huge for me but I will be out of fulltime work (furloughed United pilot- thanks to f**king terrorists and inept management) come June so I do feel it necessary to cutback expenditures. Should I spend the extra $$$ and get the best or just get the Magneto, after all Velonews gave the Magneto rave reviews. They basically said it was "almost" as good as the Kurt Kinetic which along with the 1up are the best trainers made. Finally, 2 more factors to consider. 1) When I get back to SoCAL in June, I probably won't be using the trainer all that much and 2) I will be deploying with my CA Air Guard unit to a lot of different places and I'll be taking along my MTB and road bike as well as my trainer (I know the 1up is a lot easier to travel with.) I would especially like to hear from people who have tried the Magneto as I am leaning toward it. Thanks again all, and I swear, no more pestering questions about trainers from me!! :^) Ride ON and death to all terrorists as well as Sadam/Binladen/militant Islam!!
re: Alright, my LAST post re: Trainers...kyvdh
Feb 13, 2003 5:28 AM
I have the 1up trainer. It's nice. I've also had a Minoura magnetic trainer. It was ok. As long as there is resistance you can get a workout. I didn't mind spending the $300 for the lifetime warranty (assuming 1up stays in business). But from a performance standpoint, they will likely both give a good workout. 1up will be more "road like" but let's face it, trainer workouts are not the same as being out on the road with scenery passing by, changing terrain, wildlife, weather, etc. So given your description, if you think the magnetic trainer is durable and will provide good resistance levels, I'd save the money and get it.
Sorry to hear about the job. Hope all goes well in finding new work.

Go with the magneto..Raven1911
Feb 13, 2003 6:46 AM
Excellent trainer. Resistance is all that you can want and more. Very quiet trainer as well. I am very happy riding this trainer and highly recommend it.

What? You're not getting rollers? :p nmSpunout
Feb 13, 2003 7:16 AM