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Orange County to San Diego(8 posts)

Orange County to San Diegofliparagon
Feb 12, 2003 2:12 PM
Been thinking of doing the OC to San Diego ride this weekend but remembered hearing that since 9/11, Camp Pendleton has been closed to cyclists without someone with a valid Military I.D. Has anyone done the OC/San Diego ride lately and if so, what route did you take?

You can cheat ...Humma Hah
Feb 12, 2003 2:59 PM
... I've only done it on a pre-911 Amtrack Century, so I can't say what the present procedure is. Pendleton is definitely a roadblock if they won't let you use the base roads.

But Amtrack runs right thru it all day long, and some of those trains have bike racks. Any Coaster commuter train has bike racks, and a few of those go thru the base. The Amtrack passenger trains that have "California Cars" (about half of them) also have bike racks. I've used both, and they're no problem ... just roll on, rack the bike, and take your seat.
If you take Amtrak...Lon Norder
Feb 12, 2003 5:43 PM
re: Orange County to San DiegoCHRoadie
Feb 12, 2003 4:14 PM
I believe the Amtrak Century took to the 5 last year. Check OCWs website--they might have route slips. (
Feb 12, 2003 6:54 PM
I believe you are allowed to ride on the I-5 shoulder (it's nice and wide) between Basilone Rd. and Oceanside Harbor. The usual route goes through the State Beach, past the power plant, then crosses the freeway and uses an old unused section of highway. It doesn't enter the base until Basilone. Now, you just cross the freeway on Basilone, drop down to it, and ride the shoulder to the first Oceanside exit.
Feb 13, 2003 10:03 AM
In my previous post I mention "Basilone Rd." Substitute "Las Pulgas Rd" instead. Basilone is at the very north end of the base. Las Pulgas is further south, where you would normally enter the base itself but now have to use the freeway instead.
Feb 13, 2003 1:07 AM
Now you have to use the freeway. Kind of scarry....but you really get sucked along......with all the wind pulling you.
I did that on I-15 ...Humma Hah
Feb 13, 2003 6:42 AM
... there's a mile or so of it in north nounty San Diego that has a barricaded-off bike lane. It seemed a little wierd, and the wind was impressive, but the thing that struck me the most was the noise. Very different from the rest of the route that day -- the noise was really obnoxious and took the joy out of riding.

I'd consider carrying ear plugs if I-5 is used to get past Pendleton, especially if they've offered a fairly safe bike lane like that stretch of I-15. Ordinarily, I'd consider ear plugs a hazard, but if there's a barrier between bikes and traffic, there would be little worry, and I'd opt to protect my ears.