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Why does this make me nervous?(4 posts)

Why does this make me nervous?Matno
Feb 12, 2003 12:13 PM
What with the latest rash of eBay copycats (discussed in length on MTBR), something just doesnt' seem quite right about this... Compare this:
(which looks legit), with this:
posted a day later. What seems really fishy is the fact that he has the same exact spare tire for use on his trainer, the same description of parts (rearranged, but copied nevertheless - each item is described verbatim), the same aftermarket pedals, AND zero feedback with shades next to it. Add to that the same poor spelling in the description that was in several other fake eBay auctions I saw, and you have a real winner.
Buyer beware!
i had a similar experienceFrith
Feb 13, 2003 7:07 AM
I was about to bid on a bike when i realized that the same bike was posted by another person in a different auction. They were both from the same City too (not the case with you). I knew the two posts were related because they both misnamed the saddle. I think they couldn't read the cursive "era" on the side and they both called it an "eno" or something like that. Sensing something was wrong I emailed the user of the one I wanted to bid on... He told me that the other post was his teammate and he must have lifted a bunch of the description. At that point I knew it wasn't a ripoff scam but it did tip me off to the fact that the bike had been raced. Perhaps your situation is similar maybe if you emailed one or both of the sellers it would become obvious... Maybe the second seller couldn't be bothered to write up an original description so he lifted one that was already there. It could be that his English is poor (being that he is in France).
The location is different...Matno
Feb 13, 2003 10:00 AM
under the user profile of the questionable auction, the location says Canada. Same as a couple of other bogus MTB auctions. When people tried to email the guy with the other auctions (who may or may not be the same person), he made up various stories... ("I'm in France right now and can't take any other pictures"; "I'm in Romania and don't have access to the bike right now"; "I don't have a digital camera") These were several different stories offered for the same auction to different potential buyers who asked about it, then posted his replies on MTBR...

I didn't bid on that one, but I did make the mistake of bidding on an auction from a seller who had ripped off a lot of other people on MTBR as well (He posts as "Tim in Wi"). Right after the auction ended, his account was suspended (presumably because there were so many verifiable complaints). I'll give him another week to get my tire, then it's off to PayPal to recover the $$. Fortunately, it wasn't much. I emailed him after 8 days to see what was going on (since I PayPal'ed the money the night the auction ended). His story: "I mailed the tire yesterday." I figure he's just trying to buy time since you can't recover money from PayPal after 30 days. I certainly won't wait THAT long!
re: Why does this make me nervous?BrokenSpoke
Feb 13, 2003 1:12 PM
I have sold many bike related items on eBay and from a item description standpoint, I often look at similiar items for sale, or items that have sold. If I like how someone has described a set of cranks, and I am also selling a set of cranks, I may use some, or all, of the description. Most, if not all, people are better than I am at describing an item for sale.

Quite often how well you are able to describe an item has a direct bearing on what is bid for the item. I won't cross the boundry into falsely describing an item, but some sellers are very eloquent in their verbage. Maybe that is the case here. Two separate bikes and the description of one was borrowed from the other.