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*paging teoteoteo*(2 posts)

*paging teoteoteo*WCC
Feb 12, 2003 10:59 AM
You mentioned something a few days ago about some TdF message boards or websites. Can you give us a link?

Also, what can you tell us about Graham Baxter Tours for the TdF. I am signed up with them. I know they are nothing like some the great lux tours, but am wondering if it will be sufficient. Maybe I dont want to hear your answer sense its too late... :-O
re: *paging teoteoteo*teoteoteo
Feb 12, 2003 2:44 PM
Yes...I am alive... I think you mailed about my lists and I didn't mail back yet right? My return rate is slow right now.

As for Baxter you'll be fine the big things is that they get you there handle taking care of the biggest worries like transportation and lodging.

They may not carry your luggage but who cares you're at the Tour de France. The only "knock" I've heard was that driver for a group was not as cycling oriented as he could be--in my book who cares about something like that. I'd let Jabba the Hut drive if he got me to the Tour safe

Anyway, you'll have a blast and the important thing to remember is that Baxter will get you to the race--the rest of the day and the adventure is yours to make. Be happy WCC there are 100's of people on waiting lists--you'll be there.