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Ready for new shoes(8 posts)

Ready for new shoeswasabekid
Feb 12, 2003 9:11 AM
What (size 44)shoes would you reccommend for a flat foot(literally no arch!! ok, just barely ;-) preferably wide toe box.

Suggestions appreciated.

Maybe try Nike Poggio'scydswipe
Feb 12, 2003 10:06 AM
Your feet sound just like mine, flat. I have used orthodics for about 23 years. I bought the Poggio's in a 44. I always wear a Nike 9.5 in anything else(running, football cleat etc). I have used them for about 1000 miles without using my orthodics with no problems. I use Speedplay X-2 pedals for reference. Anyways I like them. You can find them on eBay reasonably priced, $125 or so. Good luck! Nothing makes a great ride turn awful quicker than sore feet!!
Maybe try Nike Poggio'swasabekid
Feb 12, 2003 11:11 AM
I'm also currently using poggio but with utegra 6601 pedals. Also been considering switching to speedplay X/2's (have read a lot of good reviews) but I'm inclined to explore another shoe option first to see if there is a more comfortable shoe for my wide & flat feet.

Anymore suggestions?
re: Ready for new shoesrogue_CT1
Feb 12, 2003 4:28 PM
Try some Sidi Genius 4's in Mega width. You can get them from for a great price even with the hefty shipping charge. BTW- They use DHL to ship their products to the states which somehow takes only about 3 days from Ireland.
Flat foot here toomass_biker
Feb 12, 2003 5:37 PM
Love the Northwaves - had a Road Fibra for a few years and am now on the Evolution carbon thingies. Wide enough toe box for me (in size 44 too) and I use footbeds for hiking boots to compensate for the miserly padding in the insole (those long, out-of-the-saddle efforts were just too darn painful with the standard ones!).

No hot spots/pinching nothing with these shoes + Speedplays. Look carefully and you can score Northwaves dirt cheap from outlet sources (Sierra Trading Post etc.)

Shimano's are good for flat feet.......roadmeister
Feb 12, 2003 6:33 PM
...and last year I bought the R214 model after several years of the previous model. Average toe box and very good feel for those of us who are lacking in the arch department. At 3,000 mi/year, my last pair lasted me 5 years, so durability is very good. Still have them for inclement weather riding....
re: Ready for new shoespina
Feb 12, 2003 6:47 PM
Time and Carnac are wider than most.
Thanks to all!... and now the hunt begins...(nm)wasabekid
Feb 13, 2003 10:05 AM