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Rules of the TdF --Behind the Scenes Fun(6 posts)

Rules of the TdF --Behind the Scenes Funteoteoteo
Feb 12, 2003 7:14 AM
After rolling into Paris last year dead tired from working for a Tour company my boss tells me we have drop off our Fiat vans in Central Paris--Paris traffic can suck really bad so I am not jazzed (I'm sure you all feel very sorry for me). Anyway when we arrive it is the same depo all the team cars are returned to.

As I stroll the lot my boss is getting raked over the coals for damage that already existed. I start a little chatting with the grunts cleaning the cars out and pretty soon I have armfuls of schwag for my friends and co-workers.

You won't believe the things teams leave behind--USPS had 3-4 new yellow hats yada, yada

After it's all said and done I have several copies of all the offcial tour publications that are handed out to the DS and teams. The coolest score is a rulebook complete with payout are some interesting facts.

The commissaires panel consists of International commissaires but all discussions must be conducted in French (which must be noted is official UCI language)

Under Article 9 It States "Any collusion between riders of different teams is forbiddenand incurs penalty"...I don't think they enforce this one much...

"Riders accepting food and beverages do so at their own risk, which could include prosecution" again how many times have you seen the water or coke handoff by a fan--the funny part to me is prosecution.

In individual TT's the SAME person must hold EVERY RIDER in the start house. Riders obviously lose time if there late to the start line but are also considered late if they don't sign in at least 15 minutes prior to TT departure. Theoretically you can be on time to the start line but lose time in proportion to how late you were to sign in.

All repairs to a bike during TT must me made while rider is stationary.

Race vehicles must carry no more than 4 people.

Their will be no more than 16 photographer motorcycles and are under supervison of the race regulator who can intervene at anytime. I have spoken with Graham Watson on this very subject, there are lots of rules but mostly the photogs manage themselves and treat each other well. If the authorites get invovled someone's losing their Creds usually.

more fun to come.....don't want to get truncated
re: Rules of the TdF --Behind the Scenes Fun..CONTINUEDteoteoteo
Feb 12, 2003 7:33 AM
Since you may never see all of the vehicles on OLN this stuff may not be interesting but for those who have witnessed the race you'll know that there are tons of vehicles on the road. The TdF hands out about 4000 decals for vehicles.

The decals are color coded so that the vehicles with priority and an Ice Cream truck can't intermingle with the race...though it would be funny to see and ice cream bar feed. In some cases certain cars are colored (ie Red Fiat) to add further ease of movement.

Priorities in the race for the vehicles.

--Race Managers cars (Example JM Leblanc in Red Fiat)
--Stewards Cars
--Medical Cars
--Team Manangers (issued a primary and secondary car that must remain seperated)
--Press cars
--Guest cars


Did you know each team car is only allowed certain numbers of wheels and bikes? It's true--keep in mind that there is a Primary and Secondary Team car.

Each car gets to carry:

No more than 5 Complete Bikes,
Five Rear wheels,
Four Front wheels
re: Rules of the TdF --Behind the Scenes Fun..PAYOUTSteoteoteo
Feb 12, 2003 7:54 AM
So most people have seen or read how much the GC winner takes home but did you ever wonder about 141st place????

The following are all 2002 figures

Starting with the Prologue they pay 25 deep totaling 10,613 Euros (during last years event the Euro hovered right above and below the dollar so to make it easy a Euro equals a buck)


for winning the Prologue Lance netted an extra $3810
2nd was 1525
3rd 760
25th 67

Road Stages and Individual Time Trials pay 25 deep total prizes 22,725 per stage

1. 7620
3. 2000
25. 127

Team TT 21 deep pay totaling 60,400 (keep in mind money will likely be split amongst 9 riders--the amount listed is TOTAL before splits not amount given to EACH rider on winning team)

1. 15,000
2. 7500
3. 4300
21. 750

FINAL GC pays 150 deep totaling 502,788

1. 335,390
2. 167,495
3. 91,470
150. 381

Bonus Monies and Primes

Each Intermediate Sprint (for green jersey points)

1. 762
2. 457
3. 305

Final Classification (Green Jersey winner)

1. 22,867
2. 15,245
3. 7622

KOM (Polka Dot Jersey)

HC Climbs

1. 762
2. 457
3. 305

Cat 1 Climbs (they pay through to Cat 4)

1. 610
2. 381
3. 152

I could go on about Money but I have leaves to rake....

I hope everyone enjoys....
so in that 9 minute prologuecollinsc
Feb 12, 2003 9:36 AM
Lance made a wage of $25,400/hour for those 9 minutes.
so in that 9 minute prologueWise
Feb 12, 2003 11:09 AM
Once I calculated that Barry Bonds makes around $50,000 every time he strikes out
Fun stuff, thanks! nmnoveread
Feb 12, 2003 11:29 AM