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Help... Anyone got a copy of Oct 21, 2002 Velonews...(4 posts)

Help... Anyone got a copy of Oct 21, 2002 Velonews...Ride-Fly
Feb 12, 2003 12:14 AM
article where they compare 6 fluid and magnetic trainers? If so, would you mind leading me to a link of it, or maybe regurgitating it (pasting?, scanning?, etc.) for me?? (I know I am asking a lot!!) I know they did a review of the Kurt Kinetic because Kurt's WS has a clip of their own Kurt Kinetic review but not of the others. I was hoping to get more insight into some of the other trainers like the CO Magneto, Fluid 2, and the 1upUSA. I am considering spending the $$$ (Thanks to all for their earlier advice)and getting one of the high end units like the Kurt and the 1up. Actually, between the 2 I am strongly leaning toward the 1up for its design (AL construction and folds down to 6") and ~$60 savings when you consider that the Kurt runs $340 + SH while the 1up is $300 shipped. But I am wondering if it is that much better than the Fluid 2 which I may be able to get for ~$210 shipped or the Magneto for ~$175 shipped. I would rather NOT spend the extra money if I didn't have to because I don't think I'll be using it much when I get back to Southern Cal (currently in Little Rock, AR til the summer and not getting as much riding in as I am accustomed to!) Thanks for reading my drivel!! Ride ON!!!
re: Help... Anyone got a copy of Oct 21, 2002 Velonews...zooog
Feb 12, 2003 2:20 AM
My wife just threw 1 year of my VN's out the trash....damn
re: Help... Anyone got a copy of Oct 21, 2002 Velonews...look271
Feb 12, 2003 6:33 AM
Let me check-I might have it.
Here's the summaryKerry
Feb 12, 2003 5:48 PM
Kurt Kinetic is expensive and the one trainer that covers all the bases - best overall. Cyclops Magneto nearly as good for less money. Nashbar T4 Fluid Trainer Plus suprising performance for the price. Minoura Hypermag Alu solid performance and extremely lightweight. Tacx Cycleforce Swing cheapest, flexy, high resistance capability. Elite Volare Fluid moderate performance at a higher price. 1Up not tested.