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Knee MRI results/report & 2nd doc visit...(11 posts)

Knee MRI results/report & 2nd doc visit...jtferraro
Feb 11, 2003 9:20 PM
Seems I've found a new board/forum group, for the time being, - those w/knee injuries! :(

man.. that doesn't sound good at allcyclopathic
Feb 12, 2003 5:55 AM
I just recovered from knee injury took almost 5mo, 8weeks of therapy. But I didn't have it nearly as bad. Good luck bro
Thanks. How did you incur your knee injury? (nm)jtferraro
Feb 12, 2003 6:54 PM
re: Knee MRI results/report & 2nd doc visit...Raven1911
Feb 12, 2003 7:26 AM
That probably means no surgery, but you will probably have physical therapy. But immobilization is probably going to keep going. I have a bunch of info for your. Email me with you address and I will send it through the postal service to you, as emailing will only allow 3 pages at a time and there is way too much info for me to send to you this way.

re: Knee MRI results/report & 2nd doc visit...roadrider
Feb 12, 2003 5:27 PM
Sorry to here about your knee. I had surgery this
past summer for a tear in the medial meniscus.MRI
confermed it.Mine was tore and flapping around in
side. 45 min. surgery and 8 to 12 weeks later aok.
Good luck,keep us posted.
Thanks..did they suture your meniscus or just remove the "flap"?jtferraro
Feb 12, 2003 7:02 PM
Just curious. I think, in my case, they will need to remove the "flap", or ripped up section.

Still need surgery...jtferraro
Feb 12, 2003 6:59 PM
Even my local doc recommended surgery. I went for a 2nd opinion today in NYC. The doc there thinks the ACL is worse than the MRI report leads on. He really played w/my knee and put it threw the paces. He thinks it might be severed and not just torn. This doc also recommended a pivoting brace, but one that allows me to move 90 degrees, rather than the 45 degrees that the other doc recommended. Lastly, he didn't see anything wrong w/the PCL, from looking at the MRI. Anyway, thanks again Raven. I'll reply to your email w/my address...

Still need surgery...Pinner
Feb 13, 2003 10:52 AM
This is an update from my message from the other site. Sounds like clinically you need the surgery. Just concerned about the miniscus. If it is possible to suture and save it, that might be the way to go. If you cut it off, it is gone for good. Possible arthritis down the road. It take longer to heel from suturing but might be well worth it. Good Luck
Still need surgery...roadrider
Feb 13, 2003 12:02 PM
The flap looked liked a flag that had gone
through a hurricane. It was to bad to suture so he
removed it and cleaned out the surrounding area.
He also found a little arthritis not to bad for
a 43 year old. Keep us posted.
I hear ya'...are these tears on the inside our outside? (nm)jtferraro
Feb 13, 2003 6:52 PM
Mine was on the inside or medial.roadrider
Feb 14, 2003 9:53 AM