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Supergo founder passes away(5 posts)

Supergo founder passes awayMel Erickson
Feb 11, 2003 1:29 PM
Anyone notice the memorium on the inside of the back cover of the latest Supergo catalog? Susan Goldsmith, founder of Supergo, passed away. I knew nothing of Supergo's history and was impressed with the guts this woman had to start a bike shop in the 70's. It puts a human face on a business most probably know only from the catalog or web site. Condolences to her family and friends.
yeah, I noticed it...Akirasho
Feb 11, 2003 1:34 PM
... nice to see a memorial take precedence over a few more inches of ad space.


Be the bike.
I saw it too...Brooks
Feb 12, 2003 7:25 AM
I was impressed with Susan after reading the article. I had no idea about the founding of Supergo. I still have my first wind trainer from Supergo from the early the 80's and have always liked ordering mail order from them.

Condolences as well.
Performance buying Supergo?DY
Feb 11, 2003 11:34 PM
The guy at Carlsbad, CA Performance said that his store was closing because Performance was buying Supergo and that there was a Supergo down the street and so they didn't need two stores in the same city. Has anyone heard this or is this guy wrong?
past tense_rt_
Feb 12, 2003 6:41 AM
Performance bought Supergo...several months back.