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Crash - Lessons Learned(2 posts)

Crash - Lessons LearnedMadmax
Feb 11, 2003 11:35 AM
Had my first bike vs. car crash yesterday. Traveling down a two lane road coming up to a three-way intersection to my right when an 18 wheeler decided to fail to yield the right of way and turned left in front of me. I slowed and made eye contact with the driver and gave him a sign with my right hand (ok, I flipped him off). Meanwhile a pickup truck behind the 18 wheeler decided to turn in front of me too. Unlike the 18 wheeler I don't think the pickup saw me till it was too late. In any event he was able to stop in the middle of the intersection, I hit the brakes but ended up running into the front bumper of the truck. Luckily, no damage to the bike and only a small cut on my left hand. Lessons learned:

1. Don't be distracted by other drivers.
2. I was riding with my hands just behind the hoods, I think if they had been on the hoods I probably could have stopped in time.

Wonder if I should have tried to go around the truck rather than just brake? I'm glad I remembered to click out of the pedals just before impact.
re: Crash - Lessons LearnedFredrico
Feb 11, 2003 1:21 PM
You got it right. Flipping off the first driver distracted you from noticing the second driver. And braking and swerving hard right probably would have avoided a hit.

I don't care who you are, even Lance Armstrong, anyone riding a bicycle can't assume the right of way like a car, because drivers often don't see you coming.

Glad you didn't get hurt!