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Cycle Sport article on Lance(5 posts)

Cycle Sport article on Lancetarwheel
Feb 10, 2003 11:08 AM
I plunked down $7 for the latest issue of Cycle Sport because someone told me it had a great article about Lance Armstrong. After buying the magazine, I realized they had just reprinted Sports Illustrated's Sportman of the Year article (which I already bought and read). Nice of them to do that, but I felt kind of ripped off. Good article about the Colnago C-40 in same issue, though I wouldn't have bought the magazine for that alone.
re: Cycle Sport article on LanceJS Haiku Shop
Feb 10, 2003 11:22 AM
lots of nice, high-res pictures and "bike porn" in cycle sport. i started taking it through subscription about 7 months ago, and haven't regretted it at receipt of any issue. i was on the fence for the subscription, but they were offering a free video. they offered another for re-sub early, and i did that, too.

can't beat it for the pics. it's a high quality magazine with lots of great eye candy. beats the snot out of bicycling, though it's twice or more as expensive.
disappointed toovelocity
Feb 10, 2003 11:39 AM
I have a CS subscription and was very disappointed a couple of weeks ago when I opened it to see their cover story was just a reprint of SI's cover story. Though I love the mag in general, I agree it's lame.
re: Cycle Sport article on Lancedesmo
Feb 10, 2003 4:15 PM
it was nice as I would have never bothered to pick up a copy of SI. but they should have at least added their own take on the article, using a writer with a cycling perspective. still can't beat Cycle Sport. expensive, but it gives the spouse something good to get you as a gift without all the "you don''t like anything" jazz. and Bicycling is just completly un-readable
re: Cycle Sport article on Lancepina
Feb 10, 2003 8:49 PM
Consider pro cycling, you can still get an original european version here in the states, which is not true of Cycle Sport. Cycle Sport was better when you could get a strictly european version, which hasn't been the case since World Cycling Productions got involved. As far as photography, Bici Sport has more photos than most magazines, especially when it comes to bike close ups.