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Vittoria Tires: Corsa vs. Rubino vs. Corsa EVO(4 posts)

Vittoria Tires: Corsa vs. Rubino vs. Corsa EVOPaulCL
Feb 10, 2003 10:58 AM
I have been riding Corsa CX TT forever. The only problem with the tires is the fact that they cut easily. I just sliced up a middle-aged (1800 miles) pair.

Any experience with the cheaper Rubino's??

Any experience with the new, supposedly tougher, Corsa EVO's??

Thanks. Paul
re: Vittoria Tires: Corsa vs. Rubino vs. Corsa EVOterry b
Feb 10, 2003 12:00 PM
In my experience, the Rubinos last better than the Corsas, but ride a bit more crudely. I've not had a lot of longevity problems with the Corsas (certainly not in comparison to something like Michelins) and so if given the choice I'd probably continue with them. I did just buy two pairs of EVOs so we'll see. All of them are available on EBay right now with some good discounts (especially the Rubinos.)
re: Vittoria Tires: Corsa vs. Rubino vs. Corsa EVOCHRoadie
Feb 10, 2003 3:35 PM
I had one pair of the Open Corsa CX (clinchers), and all I know is I would never buy them again. I could not believe how cut up they were after only 500 miles, when I had to throw them away due to a giant gash.

However, I've had great luck with the Rubinos. They ride pretty well and are much, much more suitable for training.
re: Vittoria Tires: Corsa vs. Rubino vs. Corsa EVOjw25
Feb 11, 2003 10:21 AM
I've ridden a pair of Rubino Pro 20mm's as TT-trainers, and have a couple rides on 23mm Corsa CX TT's.
The Rubinos use a much harder rubber compound, and seem very cut-resistant. I know I've hit glass with them, and haven't seen any marks on inspection. The ride is a bit harsh, but keep in mind these are skinny treads.
The Corsas are another matter entirely. Due to their width (the 23's are more like 25's, and only slightly narrower than my Axial Pro 25's) and a much softer tread, they ride like a dream - since you've ridden them, I'm sure you understand. Cut resistance is lacking, though.
I haven't ridden the new EVO tires (I'll probably go for the KS, with a totally slick tread), but hopefully the silica compound helps with cut resistance. I've got miles on GP3000's with no cuts, so hopefully the compound is similar.
I've also got a few miles on the Tecno Pros, and while they aren't as plush as the Corsas, they're very durable, and pretty cheap ($44 a pair on Ebay).