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Tire Question (also posted on Cyclocross board)(2 posts)

Tire Question (also posted on Cyclocross board)txcross
Feb 10, 2003 8:31 AM
I recently put a set of 700 x 23 road tires on my cross bike (Jamis Nova with Mavic T221 rims). I have trued my wheels and they are good both lateral and radial. After mounting the tires I am getting a good bit of up and down (radial) wobble. The tires are Serfas Secas and the tubes are Specialized. It just doesn't seem that the tires are seating very well. Is this due to the fact that I bought a cheap set of tires or is there a trick when inflating the tires to help them seat better.
Thanks in advance...
I've had occasional probs with cheap tirescory
Feb 10, 2003 8:58 AM
I've generally had good luck with low-end tires, and I still use them for commuting and general riding. Occasionally you do find one that's out of round, though, often by quite a bit. Try to find a reference line on the tire, a raised circumferential line or the mold line between the sidewall and tread or something, and see if you can use that to check to see if they're seated properly (sometimes the line itself is wobbly, and so it's no help).
Thinking back to the last two times I've seen that, one was on a set of Performance-label road tires that weren't seating (I mounted them very carefully, inflated to 40 psi, let the air out and then inflated again; fixed the problem). The other was on a set of really cheap Cheng Shen 27-inch knobbies I bought from Wal-Mart for a beater/mud bike. When I spun them on a true rim, they both were 3/8-inch out of round. I tossed 'em.