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Anyone know Campy Athen Gruppo?(3 posts)

Anyone know Campy Athen Gruppo?killermustard
Feb 10, 2003 7:32 AM
I was looking for used Shimano STI shifters to put on a commuter bike I'm building up when I came across an ad for used Campy 8-spd Athena ergo shifters w/ derailers and cogset. I have a few questions:

1. What level was the Athena gruppo comparted with the newer Centaur and Veloce (or alternatively the Shimano 105 or Tiagra)?

2. Is the Campy 8-speed shifter/derailer compatible with a Shimano 8-speed cassette (I already have a couple of shimano 8-speed cassettes)? If not, will the Campy cassette fit on a Shimano hubset?

3. Any reasons why I should or shouldn't get this stuff?

Thanks all.
re: Anyone know Campy Athen Gruppo?CT1 Guy
Feb 10, 2003 10:35 AM
Athena was the predecessor to Daytona, now Centaur and would fit above 105 and Tiagra in Shimano speak.

You can get 8 speed campag shifters to work on a shimano cassette, but a campag cassette will not fit a shimano freehub.
Athena owner says....macalu
Feb 10, 2003 10:36 AM
I run '95 Athena 8-speed on one of my bikes. While I use downtube shifters, not ergo, I think I can provide you with some info:

You can run Shimano hubs and cassette if you use Campy 8-speed spacers, the Campy ERGO shifters will not work with Shimano cassette spacing. The Campy cogs won't go on a Shimano hub. Finding a Campy 8-speed rear hub is hard, but maybe on ebay.

Athena was the predecessor to Daytona and then Centaur. It fit between Chorus and Veloce. In design, probably closer to Veloce. Works very well, not real light. I have many over 40K miles on my Campy Athena gear and it still runs well. Very durable.

You can service the Ergo shifters and find small parts at places such as Excel Sports and Branford Bike.

I recommend it if the price is reasonable.