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Low Airfare for TdF Travelers(4 posts)

Low Airfare for TdF Travelersteoteoteo
Feb 9, 2003 5:54 PM
Hey all here is an update to an post from earlier this week. It appears that American Airlines and have a bargain deal right now for July flights from multiple U.S. destinations to Paris.

The fares range from 450-600 depending on your depart date and city. I booked a $503 direct flight from DFW to Paris. The fare was found in the bargain fares section found in the link below.

My dates are July 2 through July 28 since I will be over working but reports from others have given multiple dates of departure and arrival with these fares. Expedia bargain fares come up without listing the carrier UNTIL your purchase. The tickets have a lot of restrictions but if you know your going than you can save big dinero. In my case I plugged in a few different dates before I came up with fare.

YMMV but so far 3-4 people on another TdF related BB have scored American tickets for cheap. They helped me so maybe this will help someone on RBR

Other cities of origin so far have been Chicago, New York, Cincinati, and DC.
Works for Boston toomass_biker
Feb 9, 2003 8:23 PM
Hey Teoteoteo - thanks for the tip. Wife and I scored two tix to Paris from Boston (and back) - direct on American for $450 each. Good hunting and maybe we'll see you in Paris!

mass_biker LOOKteoteoteo
Feb 10, 2003 5:07 AM
No Worries...someone passed the tip to me and as for Paris I have some big plans up my sleeve. The last two years I have hosted "fan parties" on the Champs-Elysee. This year will be number 3. Both years I have tried to assemble the biggest group of Americans to cheer for all the riders.

I am going to make announcements as trip gets closer but so far a lot of Austin companies want to be invovled so it looks as if I may have some sponsorship. The big news is that we may have some Austin musicians with us and other cool stuff.

Even if you can't stay the whole time I'd love for you to come by and check out the scene. If you want get on the mailing list for details shoot me a mail at

Pic below is 2001 shindig were we had a surprise guest visitor. I had an artist friend make a banner that Read "USPS makes the best French Whine" Lance liked it so much he dropped the bike and ran over.
mass_biker LOOKteoteoteo
Feb 10, 2003 5:15 AM
Here is a close up from 2002 in the pic you'll see some of "The Cutters" from Philly...Lance was mobbed and could only stop and yell at us. Levi stopped off to hand out some goodies. After is was all said and done we had about 200+ people and when the official TdF guidebook/recap for 2002 came out there was mention of a huge American Party near the finish line.