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repair work, refund, litigation?(6 posts)

repair work, refund, litigation?hayaku
Feb 9, 2003 3:33 PM
Well after months of waiting I assembled my custom fitted steel bike yesterday. It looked beautiful, pearl white frame with red cable housing and red striped tires. I was just adjusting the gears before a test ride and...

after all the work putting the bike together yesterday I found that the piece that you attach the front derailleur to was welded on incorrectly. The angle is way off resulting in terrible shifting. "Nooooooo!" I gently exclaimed.

My bike shop is going to contact the manufacturer today and find out what the options are. I assume that it will be repaired but wanted to ask if the work required might damage the frame and lead to possible early failure.

The work will take a fair amount of time and I will not be able to ride the bike for a significant period of time before racing so I'm upset about that.

Also, I told the manufacturer that I wanted to use my current equipment on the new frame to save cost but the position he recommended for me is impossible on my new frame without buying a seat pillar with more setback.

There have been other small problems and I'm at the point of wanting to just return the bike and getting my money back. I'm in Japan so the legal system will be different than the UK or America but do any lawyers have an opinion they’d be willing to share? Please...

Thanks for all advice. Good luck with your bikes.
re: repair work, refund, litigation?Raven1911
Feb 9, 2003 5:24 PM
First off, I am not a lawyer but just giving you my opinion. I seriously doubt that taking the front derailler bracket off and re-mounting it will damage the frame. It sounds like the most you have to deal with is the wait for all the work that should have been done correctly to begin with to be done.

I'm confused at your description of your position or fit on the bike. What is the seat angle on the bike you got and is it different from your last bike? A seat post with a set back is not that bad anyway. Some of the taller guys do need the set back to get proper position on the bike. Another need to consider the stem length and height, crank length, and handlebar width and drop for your fit. Like I stated before if the seat angle and frame size are the same as your last bike then it should not make a difference by putting on all your old components. I might be leary about buying a custom bike from a manufacturer that doesn't even know how to put a front derailler bracket on right.

Bottom line is that you have to be willing to deal with the wait to fix your bike. If you cannot wait, then I would suggest getting your money back. If you are willing to wait, I would suggest a discount off the bike because of the extra wait for repairs and your inconvenience. Good luck!

Well I'm feeling a little different today...hayaku
Feb 10, 2003 7:33 AM
I have mellowed out a bit and thought things through. I'll wait to see how long the repair work will take. The most frustrating thing was putting all of the work in and being excited about riding. Now the waiting.

It is a nice bike, a beautiful bike.

The seat tube angle is 73.5 this is .5 of a degree steeper than my old bike. I have a seat pillar with setback already but to get the angle suggested I would need another 5 or more mm, even more if I wanted the rails centered. To be honest I don't ride in the recommended possition so that's not really a problem.

Everything else is acceptable I guess. Though I may try for some dollars back...

Thanks for your advice.
Litigation is rarely worth the "price"jtolleson
Feb 9, 2003 5:58 PM
(both financial and emotional). Why drag it out? What remedy would you want other than for them to make it right?

I'm a lawyer and used to do plaintiff's work and I'll tell you that in cases a lot more major than a poorly built bike frame (for example, discriminatory termination from a job) I've had client's tell me that the anxiety, frustration, and costs were NOT worth it. You are talking about a LAST RESORT remedy for what is probably a mundane, fixable problem.

Obviously, the delay is maddening but unfortunately it is kind of a margin of error thing.

Would you be willing to tell us who the manufacturer is?
You're right about the litigation.hayaku
Feb 10, 2003 7:40 AM
I wrote it at the end because I wouldn't want to do it as anything other than a last resort. But you're right, this isn't serious enough to even think about that.

The delay is less maddening than dissapointing. It was looking beautiful and ready to go but then... no.

I won't post the manufacturer but keep and eye out, when it's fixed I'll post a pic and ride review. Thanks for your help.
Describe the problemNessism
Feb 10, 2003 9:26 AM
Could the alighment problem be fixed by bending the brazeon tab? It's not unusual thing to have to do. At any rate, good luck.