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A search for a road bike(7 posts)

A search for a road bikeminirider
Feb 9, 2003 1:34 AM
Hey ya'll - I am new to the road bike thing. Looking for a decent entry level road bike. Problem is -I am a really short woman, and need a 42-43 cm frame. It's hard to find one used. New bikes are available - Terry Symmetry 2002 and the Novarra Carema - but they have not yet been reviewed.
I know that I want a tripple as there are some hills in these here parts. Your thoughts?
Terry Symmetrybsdc
Feb 9, 2003 7:12 AM
I like the Terry Symmetry better. Terry has been building women specific bikes and components for years. I like the steel frame and the Tiagra components better.

The biggest strike against the Novarra Carema is the 8-speed Sora components. All the other Shimano groups have 9-speeds so upgrading the Sora components would be difficult. The best thing I can say for the Novarra is it has a carbon fork and it's cheaper. At this price range, I would recommend buying all you can afford.
Terry SymmetryRusty Coggs
Feb 9, 2003 8:00 AM
If you have a local Performance Bike shop,check them out.The ones here have a big stock of Symetrys and discount deals on them.
re: A search for a road bikejtolleson
Feb 9, 2003 11:14 AM
I find that those who most frequently recommend the ironically-named Terry Symmetry are men. Lots of manufacturers offer 43 cm frames without the price premium that a botique (and mediocre, IMO) builder like Terry involves.

Lots of good options, including going fully custom if you need it. Has a fitter told you that you need a 42-43 cm frame based on a full fitting? Obviously, there are some riders (male and female) who require a frame that size but most of them are under 5' tall.

Trek, Bianchi, Cannondale, etc. all offer 43 cm frames. You can get a custom geometry Landshark with Ultegra for under $2k from Gary Hobbs, etc.

First, be sure you have a good set of measurements for yourself. You may get more ideas by reposting those here.
re: A search for a road bikeRusty Coggs
Feb 9, 2003 12:07 PM
Just be careful of frames in that size trying to do it with 700c wheels.Some companies do it,but the TT is very long and the geometry also gets comprimiseed to fit the 700c front wheel,and toe overlap can also be a big issue.
Does anyone do a 43 cm with 700cc?jtolleson
Feb 9, 2003 4:30 PM
I thought about 47 cm was the shortest, as it should be. Most move to 650cc (in front AND back, thus avoiding the Symmetry's uhh... lack of symmetry).

Despite folks constant desire for fullsize wheels, I agree that there is a point at which it is simply silly to put a 700cc wheelset on a bike frame.
Does anyone do a 43 cm with 700cc?Rusty Coggs
Feb 9, 2003 7:53 PM
Trek makes a 1000 in a 43 (52.7 TT no less!!) and lemond makes a WSD 45.Both have 700c wheels.