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Imba (bikes fly free)(3 posts)

Imba (bikes fly free)jcme262
Feb 8, 2003 11:02 PM
Has anyone used this benefit through IMBA, if so, was it worth it?
ie: Do they make up the cost in travel agency booking/legwork?
What do you think of the airlines they use-America West and Frontier?
Or is it better to get tickets on my own and pay for shipping on my bike?
re: Imba (bikes fly free)cyclopathic
Feb 9, 2003 7:20 AM
I've called them sometime ago and it was cheaper to get tickets off Travelocity and pay bike fees then go through them. Give them a call it may work out better for you. UPSing is probably the most economical way.
Yes I have. . .js5280
Feb 9, 2003 3:06 PM
You do have to pay $30 to the agency to book the ticket, but that's standard for any ticket through an travel agency now. Sometimes you can get the cheapest flight through them, other times it might be a little more, but since most airlines charge $120-160 round trip for your bike, often it's still much cheaper but not always. I flew Frontier to Austin for the Ride for the Roses the last two years, no problems. I like Frontier, more so than United. One thing to consider though is transporting your bike to and from both airports. Those bike boxes (cardboard or permanent) are very big so sometimes shipping is more convienent. Shipping your bike is probably going to be $30-50 each way and you have to be very careful about the maximum box size.