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Flight deck magnet on bontrager (aero?) spokes?(3 posts)

Flight deck magnet on bontrager (aero?) spokes?lemmy999
Feb 8, 2003 12:28 PM
I am installing the wireless flight deck on a 2002 Klein Quantum Race (which has Bontrager Race Lite wheels). It has what I think are called aero spokes (flat instead of round). How do you mount the magnet on the spokes? Also, what is that little metal ring for? In the manual says it goes with the magnet but I can't figure out what to do with it even on regular round spokes.

Thanks for any help.
That magnet is flawed in design.the other Tim
Feb 8, 2003 3:39 PM
It's not even good on round spokes. The ring is supposed to slide over the split nut to keep it from spreading. Non-Shimano magnets with a similar design use the ring to clamp against the spoke (rather than the screw). On Shimano's magnet the ring is loose.

Get a magnet for aero spokes from any LBS. My favorite is the Cateye p/n 169-9691. It works on all kinds of spokes. Excel sells them, but don't order it from their web site; call them and tell them what you want.

Some people mount that (Shimano) magnet by rotating it 90 degrees (so the poles point in the direction of wheel rotation). This sometimes results in the switch being closed twice each time the magnet passes.
Shimano has another magnet for the flightdeck as well!anzoni
Feb 10, 2003 4:53 AM
Buy the magnet that Shimano suplies with their wheelsets. It-s black and the smallest one I have seen. Have it on my Race X-lites. It's nearly impossible to see!