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A Question in regards to Cycling Shorts Inserts(5 posts)

A Question in regards to Cycling Shorts Insertsmpj
Feb 8, 2003 6:31 AM
Recently purchased a new pair of ASSOS FI 13 bibshorts. According to some, these are supposed to be some of the best shorts available, and I must say that their quality is pretty impressive.

Regardless; I was rather blown away by the size of the insert, and these are supposed to {according to Assos} not have the ‘diaper' look/feel of other cycling shorts.

I have never ridden in shorts that contain inserts, and have to admit that it's pretty comfortable, but personally I just do not like the ‘bulging' effect/feel of these inserts.

Apart from switching to ‘baggy' shorts; does anyone make a cycling short with no insert, or perhaps a super thin one?

I have a pair of RLX cycling tights {no insert} that I use in the winter months, and find them extremely comfortable, and it sure would be nice to find some shorts that fall in that category, but every short that I have searched out seems to be fitted with an insert?

Any suggestions? Does most everyone here who rides the longer rides/50 miles + use inserts? Is it just something I should get used to?

re: wowI_See_Fred_People
Feb 8, 2003 6:59 AM
I'll trade you a brand new pair of small insert bibs for your Assos! Anyway, sure you can get shorts with hardly any insert..i dont know why you would want that but to each his own.

Good new is, they will be alot cheaper. Just buy the cheapest cycling shorts you can find. Here's an example. I bought a pair of these, but the lining was so thin, I havent worn them. They seem to be of decent quality.
If you don't like the inserts,Cartman
Feb 8, 2003 8:52 AM
try a triathlon short. They usually have just a thin pad, that really isn't that thick. I've worn them on shorter rides, 20-30 miles w/ no discomfort.
You gotta sacrifice something for comfortPODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Feb 8, 2003 10:34 AM
I know I have a pair of Louis Garneau and Santini shorts they both have huge chamois. You just have to get used to the feel because in the long run on rides it will make you more comfortable. After riding with chamois I have a hard time not doing it even when warming up and warming down on a bike for 5-10 mins.

Perhaps I over reacted?mpj
Feb 8, 2003 6:00 PM
Sort of reminds me of the day I first tried out my clipless pedal/shoe combination, after riding ‘free-style' for many years. After about 30 hard minutes clipped to the pedal I swore that I would never clip in again, just because I felt chained to the bike, and my foot which was usually centered on the pedal, now had to make a dramatic move forward. Well, that passed, and now I can't see riding without being clipped in.

It's just the monstrous size of this insert that intimidates me, and maybe I will try out a pair of triathlon shorts, and work my way up from there. Thanks for the input.