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Fondriest Fever(6 posts)

Fondriest FeverCrash
Feb 6, 2003 10:36 PM
I've suddenly come down with a bad case of Fondriest fever for a Carb Level Plus or just a Carb Level. I'd love to hear some stories from the Fondriest owners out there. Also, would there be a good reason to choose the Plus model over the regular Carb Level? Thanks!
re: Fondriest Feverzooog
Feb 7, 2003 2:13 AM
I had the same fever. My cure was my wife finding the price.
It's going around.Sintesi
Feb 7, 2003 3:21 AM
I sent for the catalogue and I have no chance of affording one for years. Sigh..., they are nice to look at tho.
re: Fondriest Feveryashcha
Feb 7, 2003 6:25 AM
Hello, I too had the Fondriest Fever two months ago and sold my Orbea Zonal and my Colnago crystal to buy it at retail...sad since they dropped the price by 400 since that time. Anyhow, I would like to tell you about the Madonna Di Campiglio model that you might want to consider as well. It is really well made, and the paint job is a very conservative, yet very sharp dark red. I rode the Orbea full aluminum zonal and compared it against the Madonna, same components. I have to say that the Fondriest with the Mizuno fork is noticeably more comfortable than the Reynolds Ouzo fork, and also I do believe that the rear with the carbon seatstay is more comfortable, although slightly heavier than its aluminum counter part. Either way, they are really nice frames, and the paint jobs are very nice!
They really are that greatgtxc01
Feb 7, 2003 5:58 PM
I hear ya. When I read the review in Cycle Sport on the Carb Level about six months ago, the obsession began. I just got a standard geometry Carb Level in Silver Sat Blue this monday, and it is gorgeous. I have never seen anything like it, and none of the pictures on the web or the catalogue do it justice. Mine goes into the shop tomorrow to get built, so I can not tell you how it rides yet, but if it rides half as good as it looks, people are going to have to pry me off of it. As far as carb level vs. the plus, it is my understanding the plus becomes available in about a month. I chose the regular one because I figured the aluminum chain stays might be a little more durable, and for $300 less, I can stomach .05 kilos more weight. All together, mine is going to cost 4,400. Thats with Deda Newton Stem, 215 bars, Full Record 10, Fizik Aliante Saddle, Easton EC70 Seatpost, and Ksyrium SL's. The only reason I could afford it was I got hit by a car, though I'm pretty sure it was worth it :)
re: Fondriest Fever - Carb Level vs. Carb Level PlusAveryj8
Feb 10, 2003 4:42 PM
For more performance go with the Carb Level. For more comfort go with the Carb Level Plus. Although according to the reviews on this site with the carbon seat stay and CNC unit the Carb Level appears to be pretty comfortable and a very solid performer. Does not sound like you could go wrong.