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Bad Team Performance experiences lately?(11 posts)

Bad Team Performance experiences lately?_sprocket_
Feb 6, 2003 6:29 PM
The 2-day shipping upgrade has been botched on my last 2 orders. Anyone else having problems or is it just my bad luck???
Ordered a fork from them this week phucked up my order!the bull
Feb 6, 2003 7:47 PM
told the guy I wanted 1 1/8" they
sent a 1" I hope the
correct one is on the way like they said it was.

they have "good service"
There policys have changed alot
I actually used to work for them "tech line"
got in to it with some people over some power bars
they threw away that I took home
to this day I cant eat them I was up to my ass in those
things (people thought I was sponsered
I was hand out boxes of those things
ha ha those were the days)
dont want to bash them to bad
there good for price maching
they wont ripp ya off
the people on the phone dont
ride they have no idea
still know some good people that work there
Can we please keep the language at least PG?Ken of Fresno
Feb 6, 2003 8:12 PM
It's in the general guidelines:

"No profanity or obscene language"

There are children reading.
Here, here! I agree - nmMcAndrus
Feb 7, 2003 6:25 AM
re: Bad Team Performance experiences lately?noveread
Feb 7, 2003 7:00 AM
Well, I've had great results as of late. I'm in the process of building up my new ride and every order has been right on time with no mistakes. Man, they had a great deal on Ultegra shifters and pp396 pedals... Taking the Dura-Ace off my current ride to put on the new bike and replacing with ultegra. I guess you could say I am in the process of building up a couple of bikes at the moment! Great deal on a set of wheels for training too, their house brand fuegos for $155! Sweet!

Undertrained staffMR_GRUMPY
Feb 7, 2003 7:00 AM
Like any other mail order company, Performance suffers from undertrained and under paid staff. Sometimes you get unlucky. Order taking, and order picking errors happen. It's just one of the things that you have to learn to live with. If you can't live with it, just buy your stuff at the LBS.
You know your luck has run out when an undertrained person has messed up your order and you then contact an undertrained customer service person to try to fix the problem.
They're all NC housewivespmf1
Feb 7, 2003 7:08 AM
Every order I've ever placed with Performance has been taken by a woman with a southern accent who thinks a fork is something you eat your food with.

You pretty much have to know exactly what you want and not need any advice. The people at Excel and Colorado Cyclist are real bike riders and usually know what they're talking about.

I've always had good luck with Performance. I think their team thing is a good deal.
Bad Team Performance experiences lately - oohh yeah!!Fender
Feb 7, 2003 7:42 AM
Over the past few months I've ordered several items from them and they've messed up on two of them. In one order I asked for a chain cleaning tool and I was sent a package of Co2 tanks. After I called and complained I returned the item at their expense. About two weeks later I received my item. Three weeks ago I placed an order for a bottom bracket and stem. I specifically asked for them to be sent via the Team performance 2 day fed-ex. well, they where sent via USPS. I was told they take between 7-15 days to arrive. Yesterday it was the 15th day and I've yet to receive anything. I am ticked off!!!
Performance is not getting any more of my money!!!
re: Bad Team Performance experiences lately?carbs
Feb 7, 2003 8:02 AM
I put in a small order last Friday and used my Team number. As of last night it still wasn't here. This is the first time they haven't come through, though. I emailed them this mornng before I left for work. Hope to get an answer tonight, or maybe the merchandise today.
re: Bad Team Performance experiences lately?VW
Feb 7, 2003 11:55 AM
I had the same problem. I called Customer Service and this was what the lady told me:

If you ordered via internet in the past, selecting ground shipping get an automatic upgrade to 2-day shipping if you are a team member. Now, you have to select 2-day shipping when ordering but it will initially show a higher shipping charge. However when they are actually ship the stuff to you, the shipping charge is reduced back to ground rate provided you are a team member.
re: Bad Team Performance experiences lately?_sprocket_
Feb 7, 2003 1:53 PM
Thanks. I talked to them, and you nailed it. My only gripe with that is they should have informed everyone if the procedure changed. How were we supposed to know!? UGH!!!!!!!