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Anyone got an old colnago,derosa or pinarello bike layin around(13 posts)

Anyone got an old colnago,derosa or pinarello bike layin aroundthe bull
Feb 6, 2003 4:26 PM
always wanted one when I was a kid.
maybe even just the frame.
looking for a OLD one.
7speeds or less
friction shifters
any condition
I think it would be cool to cruise one around on a group
ride once and a while.
need a 58cm top tube
what size would that be 61cm ?
looked all around the web no ones got them this big
any help out there guys
Watch eBay. Search 2 times a week. (nm)jtolleson
Feb 6, 2003 5:18 PM
great idea.desmo
Feb 6, 2003 6:18 PM
These are great bikes and still a lot of fun to ride. Join the email list at CR Great for info, and lots of list members have bikes to sell. Another good place is Sellwood Cycles they get a lot of nice used stuff they list on the web. Have seen a lot of italian stuff in larger sizes. Ebay as well but kind of a crapshoot.

I just finished putting together a 70's Italvega. Love that 14-18 straightblock!

"the sleeper"the bull
Feb 6, 2003 7:25 PM
I want a retro bike like that.
I think I mostly want to show that its not the high
tech bike you have its the rider.
I would love to pull the group around on one of these
these old heavy things.
I had a old bike a couple years ago and was actully riding stronger than I am now,on this souless dura ace high tech bike.

I remember one time this guy showed up for a group ride
on this beach cruiser. He was wearing a polo shirt, some kakhi cotton pants(with a belt and his shit tucked in no less), sneakers and no water bottles.

I thought he was a customer who was going to get his bike tuned up or maybe he was going to but some tires or something.When we started to ride he pulled of with us.
I rember thinking something crazy(probally the little snobby roadie in all of us)ya know.

This guy hung on for the warm up. No doubt he is probbly just on his way home and is just cruzin a long.right? So after a while I am up front an a couple of us are taking some mad pulls. Tryin to drop off people in the back,ya know summer shit that you do to thin things out.I go to the back to take a rest an the this guy is on his cruiser.I could not fhuckin belive it.Old 1 speed beach cruiser.

Well I dont have balls for the cruiser,but like I was sayin,a Old road bike with friction shifters would be cool.And since I am a little snobby make it a colnago or something cool like that.I like that style.Old steel with shiny chain stays.
Simple but not that simple.If I could pull that off maybe I get a cruiser next.:)
Nice bike...853
Feb 7, 2003 7:45 AM
I have a neighbor that has one of these for sale(unfortunately it is not my size), but is not in such beautiful conditions. It would proabably need a repaint and new stickers. Did you have to do the same and what is the value of a fully restored Italvega? Since it does not fit it would be just be for the fun of restoring it.
Were can I find more info on Italvega's?

Nice bike...desmo
Feb 7, 2003 8:16 AM
The paint and decals are original on mine, although I do have repro top tube decals coming for it. As for value, I'm not really sure. There are a few different models, and like any old bike the condition and originality would set the price. Mine is a "Superlight", which I'm pretty sure was their top of the line in the early 70's. It came equipped with a fully drilled NR gruppo. Although these early Vega's are really nicely made Italian bikes there is a bit of "stigma" in the "collectors world around them. As they were "badged" for a US importer, so they don't have the name mystique of the man that built them. Also the Univega years don't help. Does not bother me though, the thing rides absolutely bitchin' and I see a whole lot more Colnagos and Masi's around then my bike. As far as info, there does not seem to be too much out there. The Classic Rendevouz site has some, but I have not found any large source on this marque. If you can pick up your neighbor's bike cheap, maybe you can trade it for something in your size. These bikes really need to be ridden to be appreciated!
re: Anyone got an old colnago,derosa or pinarello bike layin aroundrogue_CT1
Feb 6, 2003 7:12 PM
How about a Scapin? Vintage 1987. Pearl white with crome fork, chainstays and seatstays. If you don't know about Scapin, it's a classic Italian frame builder that uses "old world" craftmanship. I think mine is a 62-63 cm frame. It already has Campagnolo C Record cranks, which in my opinion are the most beautiful cranks ever made, original Dura-Ace 6 speed index shifting (down tube of course). I fitted it last spring with a Kestrel carbon fork but I still have the original fork. The frame is Columbus SLX tubing with beautiful etched lugs. Let me know if you are interested. The bike is in great condition. I retired it after buying my Colnago last year. I also have the proper vintage saddle to go with the bike- Selle Italia Turbo saddle. Black perforated leather. Real comfy saddle.
How about a Della Santa?davet
Feb 7, 2003 6:17 AM
He's a very small builder in Reno, Nevada. He 'discovered' Greg LeMond, sponsored him with frames that LeMond won the Junior Nationals on. Della Santa continued to build frames for LeMond when he turned pro and Della Santa frames, repainted with sponsors colors, were on the Tour de France with LeMond.

Della Santa's bikes are exquisite, in the 70/80's Italian-style and ride extremely nice.

I'm selling my early 80's Della Santa. Record, Super Record and DuraAce 7-speed, downtube shifters stuff. 58.5 x 58 c-t-c. A very nice bike, but I'm having a custom built and this has to go. Reply if interested.
I'll take one in a 56.Ken of Fresno
Feb 7, 2003 9:02 AM
How much are they going for?

You may be competing with me......cdale02
Feb 7, 2003 6:51 AM
I've been putting some ads on the web for a mid 80's Ciocc or DeRosa. These are two bikes I remember wanting as a junior.

I am looking for a 61cm in these bikes.

FYI, in my search I did track down a mid 80's DeRosa with Campy SR I believe, if you are interested, I can put you in touch with the seller - I've never met them except through the web.

Also, how much are you expecting to pay.... there is a pretty wide range in prices out there. do you have any idea of a fair price for a larger older fram/ bike.
guess it depends on the conditionthe bull
Feb 7, 2003 9:32 AM
I know of a 60 Ciocc that I almost boughtcurtybirdychopper
Feb 7, 2003 2:50 PM
Local guy in SF; wanted I think $650 for the Ciocc. Let me knwow if you're interested.
I know of a 60 Ciocc that I almost boughtthe bull
Feb 7, 2003 4:34 PM
frame? complete bike? Year?
If it was just the frame i am not interested