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My view to close the "junk miles" debate(1 post)

My view to close the "junk miles" debatePODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Feb 6, 2003 10:00 AM
In my opinion junk miles are an important part in anyones training program and shouldn't be cut out completely. But one of my coaches summed it up best when he read from I believe one of Tudor Bompa's books; "Intesity is like candy, you just need to know where and when to have it". So theres a couple ways you can look at it depending on where your coming from:
1) a large percentage of the riders on this board just ride to ride so LFR doesn't hurt a very heavy training program. They train to ride and ride to have fun. Sure with a complex program of periodization they could get faster than they are but its not worth the time.
2) a percentage of people here have a huge base which isn't going away anytime soon and where they need work is in the LFR zone.
3) a percentage of people here are trying to get fast and are still learning about their bodies and haven't reached the point where they haven't figured out "the faster the ride the faster you make you" isn't true. This percentage also included people knowing LFR doesn't truely help but still want to do them.
4) 1 person here is a (young) sprinter with no real natural endurance and needs to avoid the junk zone except at specific times when trying to achieve goals like lactic buffering.
Of course theres other groups but I cut it up into 3 major ones.

So the bottom line is figuring out when and where to use LFR if you even care enough to figure it out. Just like you won't get faster from only doing intervals... you need a big base... then a middle section of LFR and a program helps to put this together most efficiently.