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What is good form?(2 posts)

What is good form?rightsaidfred
Feb 6, 2003 9:48 AM
I know that form is important in everything. So what does good form in cycling consist of?
The definitive answer.eyebob
Feb 6, 2003 11:48 AM
Ride hard from the start of the race. Take your turn at the front because tempo riding can be tiring for your teammates to hold if you don't help a bit. At 75K into the race, at the base of the Koppenberg, rise up and hammer for 3 minutes to shed all but those crazy Danes and Belgians who live to ride a race like this in the early season. Push as hard as you can with the small group that's formed the breakaway, and pray, pray, pray that Cipo and George can't bridge the gap. Sit on Dekker's wheel, sip your Red Bull and finish off the contents of your musette with 30K to go. Watch Bettini though. He still has something to prove from last year. Don't worry too much about Bartoli. The rest of the group dislikes him and would rather sacrifice their own win if it meant preventing him from winning. With the Poggio in sight, go hard, catch em all by surprise and as you crest the summit, descend like Kelly to the finish. Raise your arms in a two arm (the most dignified of all solutes) solute. Coast to a stop where your deputy director sportif is standing to hug you and give you a fleece throw to cover you. Immediately exit for a quick shower/change/massage before the podium presentaion (your sponsors want you to always look good for the photo op). Be sure to try, even though you speak their language poorly, to say a few words to the local media and thank the tifosi for their words of encouragement.

I'm sorry, what was your question again?