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Seven's back...(3 posts)

Seven's back...jtolleson
Feb 6, 2003 7:53 AM
For those who followed the saga, my new Seven is now in my hands. I haven't had it out on our snowy roads; just on the trainer.

Actually, I think they did a better job with the paint this go 'round (I'm wondering if they switched paint shops) and so far the add'l cm in the top tube seems like a non-issue. I've kept my 11 stem for now and if I feel too stretched out, that is an easy change. Cannot even tell the difference with the 170 cranks.

I changed HTA and went to a different stem rake (both changed the same so I think trail is the same) but will be anxious to feel that on the road. No way to evaluate on the trainer.

I'm optimistic. Outside riding will tell. As far as toe overlap, I'm down to the sort of "ordinary" kind ... brush the toe when it is at 9/3 o'clock and you turn the wheel hard. No worries. Nothing like before.

Just because folks asked from time to time!
Great.........Len J
Feb 6, 2003 8:53 AM
keep us posted on any changes in handling.

Wishing you good riding weather, a tailwind & better bike handling from the "new" bike.

Good news! I hope it works out for you (and soon!). -nmTig
Feb 6, 2003 9:13 AM