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Kristin, (and others) about your bike...(1 post)

Kristin, (and others) about your bike...rwbadley
Feb 6, 2003 7:01 AM
In a previous post, I picked up on the notion that you and your bike were not working well together.

Your De Bernardi is a nice bike, try this before you get discouraged with it.

Fit. Two quick stories.

1. They tell me my shoe size is a perfect 10D. I prefer a 9.5EE.

2. Recently I picked up a high end road bike that the guy was practically giving away because he was convinced it was evil. The bike had ten miles on it, and was set up to the bike shops 'perfect fit', not the rider's.

Try these things: If you have a threadless stem with negative rise, go to your shop and see if they can turn your stem over to bring the bars up a bit. Better yet, if your stem is 11-12cm length, try a 9-10cm length and get the bars up also. This will do a couple things. It will take some pressure off your neck, back and wrists. Also it will shift your body weight back slightly on the bike.

Shifting your weight and body back could be a good thing here because it will allow you to feel less noise from the fork.

Does it seem like on any little hill you feel the need to stand and pedal? Maybe bring the saddle height up a bit. You might also try moving your saddle back in the rails a small bit. This will shift power used to the larger muscles in the hind end.

Experiment with tire pressure. On three bikes I have the same tire setup, and all three (for various reasons) need different pressures.

Remember we shifted your weight back? This could allow you to run (something like) 100psi front and 110-115psi rear. This will smooth out the front end even more. Especially if you have been running 120/120 Don't trust your pump gauge unless you know it has been calibrated. It really is a >feel< thing.

Just food for thought... Keep the Dee Bee, just make it work with you!