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For jtferraro..knee questions(2 posts)

For jtferraro..knee questionsRaven1911
Feb 4, 2003 9:35 PM

What I was referring to regarding 'scope your meniscus' is that many times the meniscus has a tear or flap. This flap can cause popping or locking of the knee. In me saying the surgeon will scope your meniscus, I meant that he will use an arthroscope to clean up the meniscus and make it flat again and get rid of the flap(if that is the tear your have which is very common).

I referred to an orthopedic surgeon today regarding putting you in a soft brace and he told me that it is sometimes used because the MCL tear, if it is a partial tear and not a complete one, can repair itself. By immobilizing the knee this aids in healing of that ligament.

The patellar tendon is below your knee cap and attaches to your lower leg.

If the surgeon takes the patellar tendon graft to replace your ACL he will cut out the middle 1/3rd of your patellar tendon and use the middle third to replace your torn ACL. The process for the once tendon to become a ligament takes approximately 9-12 months before full tensile strength can be achieved via the healing process of the body.

I do recommend you take your knee out of the soft brace and bend it to maintain the range of motion in your knee. Do this in your home where you are comfortable and free from incident. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RUN OR DO ANYTHING FOOLISH AS YOU CAN DAMAGE THE STRUCTURES MORE IF YOU CONTINUE TO RUN AND SUCH. You want full range of motion and the most amount of strength you can have before the surgery in order to speed up your recovery.

110 degrees of knee flexion can be obtained in 2-4 weeks but it is all individual and how you heal. I had a girl 3 weeks ago come in for an evaluation and she had 110 at the week and a half mark versus a guy I have right now that is 3 weeks out and has around 95 degrees, so it all depends on how the surgery went and how well you heal. Again email me if you have any more ?'s. I can also email you with more exercises you can do with the brace on to keep your strength as well. I will scan some pictures and email to you if you want. Let me know,

Raven, THANKS!!jtferraro
Feb 6, 2003 12:24 PM
Thanks so much for all this!! Yeah, I suspected the soft brace was to isolate the knee so the MCL can possibly repair itself. Since reading your original post I've been taking the brace off @home and ocassionally flexing my quads and calves on my left leg. I haven't been bending my knee too much, though. I really need to b/c I already know I can't bend it very far since a.) I haven't been bending it much and b.) it is still quite swollen.

Thanks for explaining everything so well. I've since spoken to a friend who is 3 months post-op and he's sent me tons of links to more information and I've also realized his doc is in my medical plan, so I might go for a 2nd opinion. My friend also recommended I go w/the hamstring graft, if needed. He said that although the petellar tendon offers more tensile strength, that now they actually double-up(fold over?) the hamstring tendon.

I would LOVE if you can send me pics and exercise descriptions. I really apprecitate it. My email address is