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Bike Suggestions for 6'4, 225-230 pound clydesdale(12 posts)

Bike Suggestions for 6'4, 225-230 pound clydesdaleFattirewilly
Feb 4, 2003 11:03 AM
Price range is $1500 to $2000. I'm an avid mt biker who typically enjoys answering this type of question over on

I believe my size is around 63 cm. I know with mountain bikes, that some of the wheels, frame materials, and other components should be avoided at my size. Same with road bikes? Any suggestions?

I'm already searching ebay, but considering new as well.
Litespeed GhisalloKen of Fresno
Feb 4, 2003 11:50 AM
It has a lifetime warranty with "no rider wieght limit" (yea, right). Seriously though, I've been riding a Lemond Zurich for a couple years now, and I'm pretty close to your weight. Love the fit and handling. has a great deal on them now, but I think they are for in-store purchase only.

Best of luck,

Litespeed Ghisallo
Zurich at Supergo
63 cm may be smallContinental
Feb 4, 2003 12:08 PM
If you want the handlebars less than 10 cm below the seat a 63 cm frame might be too small, depending on your leg length. I'm 6'4 (but a skinny 175 lb geek) with a 64 cm c-t frame. To get my handlebars 5 cm below my seat I need to use a 135 mm 40 degree positive rise stem and about 4 cm of spacers (sorry about the language which is obscene and offensive to the stem police). Proper fit is paramount. Then, avoid light weight construction and get some decent 36 spoke wheels
63 cm may be smallFattirewilly
Feb 5, 2003 6:18 AM
I arrived at 63 via the colorado cyclist fit page, using the suggestion of subtracting 28? cm from the inseem for taller riders. I haven't actually seen a bike in a shop that I would want to ride.
lifetime warranty is a keycyclopathic
Feb 4, 2003 1:59 PM
and if you planning to keep bike buy new. Most steel, Ti and some Al (like Cannondale) have lifetime.

Second with your size/weight you'll need to worry about frame flex. If you plan to do ultraendurance rides get steel frame pref lower grade /like Reynolds 525 or 531/ lugged or oversized/ovalized tubes; if not there're many Al Cannondales to choose from ;)

With respect to components consider triples and 32 x3 wheels. To avoid pinch flats be ready to up tires to 25 (or even 28 if roads where you live are bad).

Here's some info on fitting:
I'm exactly the same size, & I agree 63 may be too small...cory
Feb 4, 2003 3:48 PM
I let LBS owners talk me into good deals on leftover 62cm bikes for years, and I was never as comfortable on anything as I was on my old college 25-inch (almost 64cm) Trek. Finally I fitted myself using Rivendell's fit chart and bought a 64cm Atlantis (biggest they made at the time; actually I could use a 65), and that 2cm made a huge difference. Be sure whatever you get REALLY fits--don't fall for the old "longer seatpost" trick.
Depending on what you want to do, the Atlantis is a wonderful all-purpose ride, equally suitable for fire trails, tours and centuries with just a tire (and maybe wheel) swap. There's also the Rambouillet, a "roadier" version of the same thing. Frame with fork, HS and BB is $990. I built mine up using some parts bin stuff for about $1300-$1400. You can get a complete bike for ~$2000, or assemble it yourself and save a couple of hundred. Check it out at If nothing else, you'll get an idea of fit and parts and whatnot.
While we're in the big boys' club...seyboro
Feb 4, 2003 4:17 PM
...and just out of curiosity, what is the top tube length on your current ride?
mt bike TT lengthsFattirewilly
Feb 5, 2003 6:14 AM
21" Airborne LS = 25.2 TT
21" Ventana Salty = 24.6 TT

If I ever have a mountain frame custom made, it would split the difference between the two.
re: Bike Suggestions for 6'4, 225-230 pound clydesdaleseyboro
Feb 4, 2003 3:53 PM
A few weeks or so ago, I posted a thread addressing your question. I'm sure, you will find it with a search for 'clydesdale recommendations'.
I am your size and agree with the recommendations above. However, you say you are an avid rider and, unless you ride quite serious hills regularly, there is truly no need for a triple set-up. For the occasional dose of climbing, you can probably use some of your mtb components(XT 9 works quite well with dura-ace 9).
re: Bike Suggestions for 6'4, 225-230 pound clydesdalerogue_CT1
Feb 4, 2003 9:38 PM
I'm 6'4" and weigh 225 lbs. I ride a 61 cm Colnago CT-1 which is 6/4 Ti and a carbon rear. I have the all carbon Force fork and use a Record carbon post with a Selle Italia SLR saddle. I ride Ksyrium SL's with 18f/20r spokes fitted with 23mm tires. The bike weighs in at 16.1 lbs and is rock solid while climbing or sprinting out of the saddle. It fits perfectly, as a matter of fact I have never had a bike that was so comfortable even after 4 hours in the saddle. I think you need to find a bike that fits, clearly not everyone 6' 4" will ride the same size frame. As for 36 spoke wheels, triple chainring and heavy steel frame nonsense, it's just that- NONSENSE! If you buy high quality components and don't focus just on the weight you can use almost anything that our lighter brotheren use.
re: Bike Suggestions for 6'4, 225-230 pound clydesdaleyeah right
Feb 4, 2003 9:41 PM
so i too am 6'4" 220, and I'll offer an alternate viewpoint to the 63cm or bigger crowd. It really depends on your leg and torso lengths. I've got shortish legs for my heighy, and my frames are usually around 61 c-t or 58+c-c. Anyway, toptube should be a bigger consideration. Parts: drive train, anything is fine, except the really cheap stuff, which wears out quite fast. Don't get a crazy light frame, unless the warrenty is as good as gold and you've got more than one bike. I recommend steel, although I've got aluminum too, and find that it's nice as well, and in my case (CAAD 7) not too harsh. Wheels are your big problem. 32 spokes minimum with a good strong rim. You can get some good deals used on road bikes, but you've got to know your stuff, because there is a fine line between getting ripped and making a good deal. Lemond might suit you fine, but watch out for reduced spoke count wheels. (no rolfs, bontragers, etc).
Your build is importantbigrider
Feb 5, 2003 5:00 AM
Like the message above there are three general builds of people
Long torso
Long Legs
Average build

The long torso guys like myself will tell you to get a Lemond Zurich or another bike with a decent sized top tube.

The long legged guys want the italian copy bikes with 57 and 58.5 top tubes. There problem is they have to jack the seat up and then there is a handlebar height issue (too low) if the cut it at the store.

When you buy a new bike take the new wheels and sell them as new because they will most likely be low spoke count or 32 spoke wheels. They will not last. Order a set of cxp33 36 spoke brass nipple 3x 14 gauge wheels. They are around 220 bucks for ultegra hubs from colorado cyclist. You can probably sell the new wheels for that so it doesn't cost you.