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E BAY cycling search terms.....key words??(10 posts)

E BAY cycling search terms.....key words??african
Feb 4, 2003 7:46 AM
What do you think are the most popular cycling/bike terms (key words) that are searched for in e bay, like:

Lance Armstrong

any ideas ??
I search "54cm"Lon Norder
Feb 4, 2003 9:10 AM
And I get a bunch of listings of bikes in my size.
try "54" and "54cm", you'll get even more. (nm)terry b
Feb 4, 2003 9:13 AM
try 54* and youlll kill 2 birds with one stone ...Spirito
Feb 4, 2003 9:22 AM
instead of searching for "campagnolo" and "campy" just type camp* and youll get both - occasionally you might get something like campus or camping but they are easy to scoll past.

then again i look for spelling mistakes as its less likely that an item will be chased by as many.

also consider using BidTamer - saves a lot of time waiting around to watch an auction end before snatching victory ;-).

learn them tricks, study the auctions and participants.

I've been looking for 64cm for two years and found ONE bikeretro
Feb 4, 2003 9:27 AM
Those people are all midgets over there...
your not looking properly 'broSpirito
Feb 4, 2003 10:55 AM
go to

Home > All Categories > Sports > Sporting Goods > Cycling > Road Bikes & Frames

and enter 64* (or 64 cm and 64cm - the space makes a difference ) and youll find some. you will have to click on the search button to look under "title and descriptions" otherwise you are limiting your search.

i just looked and found (bad feedback on this guy from many fellow ebayers - be wary)

sometimes its worth taking a peek at Home > All Categories > Collectibles > Transportation > Bicycles > Other Brands

and mr. retro i owe you one whilst doodling around looking on ebay for the above info i found and jumped on the following Gios - i dont need it but hey its always good to have a new project - fixed gear it will be ;-)

if anyone really needs this frame (a little grovelling and proof of Gios addiction needed) let me know and ill pass it on for the auction price.

cheers - us midgets are lucky

Don't wanna try that with 57. Too many Chevys. nmdzrider
Feb 4, 2003 2:05 PM
I find a couple used sneakily ...Humma Hah
Feb 4, 2003 10:57 AM
... I usually go there searching for "Paramount" and get a whole bunch of Schwinn roadbike hits where the poster has stuck in "like Paramount".

Or I go there searching for Campagnolo and get a whole bunch of parts where they stuck in "not Campagnolo".
I thought this was not allowed?K-Man
Feb 5, 2003 6:41 AM
When I first started selling items on EBay I put in all the "associated" words for more hits and EBay sent me a message stating I cannot do I ceased. I see auctions doing this all the time still. Quite a pain in the A$$ really. Who in their right mind if they are looking to purchase SRAM stuff is going to buy Shimano instead?

re: E BAY cycling search terms.....key words??moabbiker
Feb 4, 2003 9:55 PM
Probably "Shimano" I see that thrown into so many title descriptions even for parts that have nothing to do with Shimano.