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Foot cramp/hot spot - only on one foot.(4 posts)

Foot cramp/hot spot - only on one foot.Fez
Feb 3, 2003 2:03 PM
Anyone get foot cramps or hotspots on only one foot? I use my left foot as clip in/out and only this one cramps up. Been like this for almost a year now.

Right foot feels great.

Same result on two different pedal/shoe systems.

Any advice on how to get rid of this?

Even though I always thought I had a nice even pedal stroke, does it mean I am pushing down too hard on that foot, or am I clenching my foot too tight?
re: Foot cramp/hot spot - only on one foot.High Gear
Feb 3, 2003 3:26 PM
I never get hotspots but did get cramps in my right foot due to the shoe being too tight around the circumference of the my bigger foot. You may have high arches and need support of a custom orthotic. Always fit the shoes to the larger foot and build the other side up with in added insert to take up some room. The shoe should hold your foot from upward or front to back movement. For the hot spot thing, have you tried Look or Time pedals? If you were only on spd or a small platform pedal than that is the problem.
Check this site out...Willz
Feb 3, 2003 5:56 PM
I have had this condition, it is usually related to wearing a tight fitting shoe. I cannot wear any of the custom biking shoes - I now have to wear a sandal to bike with.

If you have a desire to get your shoe off, if your any of your toes feel like they are burning, if it feels like a cramp that does not resolve easily, then you sound like I sounded before I had surgery on my foot.

My advice is to get to a podiatrist ASAP and have it checked out. If you have Morton's Neuroma, you don't want it to get worse, believe me. Been there, done that and it wasn't pretty.
re: seems like you're left footedcyclopathic
Feb 4, 2003 7:51 AM
and dominant foot is usually bigger.. maybe the shoe is too small or too tight? Second on longer rides feet tend to bloat after a while /sometimes dominant foot more then other/; it is a good idea to check and loosen them from time to time. And if you get the hotspot in cleat area get gel inserts (5-8$ at CVS) good luck