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bladed spokes question(8 posts)

bladed spokes questionJS Haiku Shop
Feb 3, 2003 6:53 AM
wow, i love the way they sound.

what are the drawbacks (added cost and relative rarity aside)?

what are the benefits (aero benefit is obvious)?


if truing is required, and they are turned flat-side forward out of necessity, does this negate the "aero value"?
re: bladed spokes questionDougSloan
Feb 3, 2003 7:04 AM
I've read they make a little difference.

I like them. Maybe it's purely psychological, though.

The spoke should not turn when truing, so they would never be "flat side forward." Make a tool, metal with a little slot cut in, to hold the spoke while turning the nipple. It's better that way vs. round spokes.

re: drawbackscyclopathic
Feb 3, 2003 7:09 AM
there's not that many hubs to take them, you need slotted holes. Slotting weakens hub flanges; problem for low spoke count wheels. Mavic uses hubs designed around straight pull spokes to avoid failures
re: bladed spokes questionCaseysdad
Feb 3, 2003 8:11 AM
Your computer options are limited somewhat, as not all models offer a magnet that can be mounted on non-standard spokes.
any magnetDougSloan
Feb 3, 2003 8:24 AM
I have several computers, and the magnets work for any of them. You can always find one that works with your spokes and computer.

so, what big-name hubs are made for bladed spokes? nmJS Haiku Shop
Feb 3, 2003 10:27 AM
The bladed spokes on my Ksyriums stay true...bent_spoke
Feb 3, 2003 10:33 AM
I dinged one of them somewhere along the way & didn't notice it, until I was adding air to my tires. I replaced the spoke and then I found out that the tensioning tools for these bladed spokes are fairly expensive. I wasn't sure how to get the tension right manually so I left it up to my LBS. They said that they didn't have to do much, so they didn't charge me. It's nice not to have to worry about the wheels so much.
thanks, all! nmJS Haiku Shop
Feb 4, 2003 6:22 AM