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Newbie seeking advice(4 posts)

Newbie seeking adviceJuniorgriff
Feb 2, 2003 10:51 PM
I am going to be purchasing a road bike in spring. I am leaning toward a Trek 2200 or a LeMond Buenos Aires. I have been told many different opinions about the steel vs. aluminum frame issue. I would just like to hear what people would have to offer. The bikes I would be purchasing are equipped with bontrager select wheels. I am 5'11, 190 and I was told that these wheels could go out of true just because I am a heavier rider. Is this correct? Also, what kind of pedals are the best? Please give me all the advice you can. Thanks alot.
re: Newbie seeking adviceMJ
Feb 3, 2003 5:32 AM
the best way to figure out which bike is best for you is to ride them both until you decide - more than just in the parking lot

must alu. vs. steel arguments aren't genuine - it's more to do with the frame and build - you can get a harsh steel and a soft alu ride...

most wheels go out of true sooner or later - don't think you should worry about it with Bontragers

pedals - where will you be riding - will you be commuting - will you ever be walking your bike

alot of people use Look - people who have to walk much in their shoes often prefer a recessed cleat and opt for Time or SPD's

Tref and Lemond are both good bikes - but I have read here they have very different feels - spend some time and see which you like more
Why haven't you considered Carbon...Raven1911
Feb 3, 2003 6:43 AM
Why haven't you considered carbon? I rode aluminum, steel, and carbon before purchasing my Trek 5200. I was originally going to buy a Lemond but after riding all types of frames I picked the carbon because it was stiff and responsive out of the saddle (I am a sprinter) but REALLY comfortable. With aluminum, I felt all the bumps in the rode and it was very stiff, which made for a good sprinters bike but uncomfortable ride. The steel just was too flimsy for me, especially out of the saddle. I could tell the responsiveness was off right away, however, steel is a good bike for comfort because of that reason.

You need to look at your riding style, usually whether you are a sprinter, climber, or an all rounder and then decide based off of those requirements. It sounds by your size you might be a sprinter, so I would suggest carbon or aluminum. The geometry is going to be slightly different between the Lemond and the Trek with the Lemond having a more relaxed geometry than the Trek. The Trek has a steeper seat tube angle with makes it a more aggressive bike while the Lemond is less aggressive. In a generalization, the Trek will emphasize the quads more and the Lemond the hamstrings, but this REALLY depends on how you fit your bike.

As for pedals, most guys I see ride speedplays and I haven't heard anything bad about them. In fact I have heard nothing but praise. I ride old Look style shimano's and love them, however they are on their last legs and I need to purchase some new ones. I am considering the new Dura ace pedals as well as the speedplays. I wouldn't worry about the wheels going out of true. One trick to help them stay true is after you buy them, have your bike shop tighten the spokes more all the way around each rim. I had this done to my Rolfs and they have NEVER gone out of true in 6000 miles!

Just take your time in selecting the bike and GET IT FITTED RIGHT BY YOUR LOCAL BIKE SHOP WITH A FIT KIT TYPE OF SYSTEM! This will make all the difference in the world.

Wheels & pedalsbent_spoke
Feb 3, 2003 10:58 AM
They're were a couple of reviews on this site,Select/PRD_104397_2490crx.aspx

If you can swing a good deal from LBS the Ksyrium SSC SL are real nice wheels ["bomb proof"], albeit pricey.

I use Campy Chorus pedals & I have no complaints, as I get in & out ok, after the my introduction to clipless [practice in a safe place at slow speed. I started by leaning on the garage wall & cliping/unclipping a dozen times. This wasn't enough. Also, do some test stops on the road to get a feel before you "go live".]

Anyway, I liked the design of the Chorus, but the finish leaves alot to be desired. They got marked up pretty quick.

Have fun with the new bike!!!