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How much money do you spend on cycling?(19 posts)

How much money do you spend on cycling?tmotz
Feb 2, 2003 8:36 PM
A eariler post stated that its a expensive hobby.
I really don't think so.
I know people that paid $12,000 for a motorcycle or others that paid $25,000 for a car and both of them only drive them only a few months of the year.
To me thats a expensive hobby.
...expense is a relative term...Akirasho
Feb 2, 2003 10:32 PM
... while each person is different... there are tons of additional costs associated with cycling (not the least of which is the commitment in time riding... which is money).

Aside from all the gear that goes along with a basic bike (helmet, shoes, shorts, tools, etc) many of us belong to or support some cycling organizations and their events... and travel to and from (some are just too far to bike given other commitments (job)).

Overall, considering the physical and mental well being (for most of us) it's money well spent... but spent nevertheless... we all have tales of eye rolls when non cycling associates/friends/family here how much we paid for a tire or saddle.

Still, I know a few folks who's passions cost far more than my cycling jones... and I at least understand the underlying motivation (I can't criticize when I'm spending more on a rear hub than the average citizen spends on TWO bikes). It's... relative.

Be the bike.
I saw the lightmickey-mac
Feb 2, 2003 11:05 PM
I did buy a new bike at the beginning of 2001, but that was my last big bike purchase. At the beginning of 2002, I decided not to make any single purchases in excess of $200 unless absolutely necessary. Last year, I don't think I spent more than about $700, which worked out to about ten cents a mile. Considering what most skiers and golfers spend, cycling is a bargain.
A considerable amount!StevieP
Feb 2, 2003 11:22 PM
On kit, clothing (lots of!) & bikes, about UK£5.5K in the last 4 months. I was treating myself after finding out I was being made redundant after 15 years service.

Biggest outlay was on my dream mountain bike to add to my 3 road bikes (a Klein Palomino custom MTB at UK£2.5K). Also spent UK£1K on a respray for my Colnago Superissimo & a Chorus groupset. I have bought 2 other road bikes & heaps of clothing but too much to list!

I dont drive a car and I live close to work. Cycling is my life at the moment and I have come into some money so it felt natural to me to spend the money on the thing I enjoy the most. I dont expect to be abe to treat myself again on my salary!

Still, it is fun to see the reation on the face of non-cycling folk when I tell them how much I have just spent on a bike!

Spend what makes you happy. You cant take it with you when you die.
If it makes it more enjoyable to you,mickey-mac
Feb 2, 2003 11:43 PM
knock yourself out. Almost everyone goes on a spending spree at some point. Even though more money is in the cycling budget, I've been spending less and enjoying riding more. My plan is to ride my current bike into the ground and wear all of my shorts until my ass is showing through. If not for the almost flat-proof Axial Carbons, I'd be out in the garage patching tubes right now. (OK, so I'm knocking on wood right now.)
I saw the lightgtx
Feb 3, 2003 9:30 AM
When I worked in shops I bought bikes almost every year. Haven't bought a new road bike since 1989 or a new mtb since 1995. I only buy new stuff when the old stuff wears out--mostly tires, tubes, chains, new shorts, Cytomax, cleats, etc., probably $200-300 per year for the last few years (I admit I haven't been riding as much as I used to).
Comparatively little on the bike purch, lots on everything else.Fez
Feb 3, 2003 6:01 AM
A pretty good bike runs $1,000-3,000. It lasts for several years. If you buy good stuff from the start, you won't be upgrading unworn stuff. When I'm done with the bike, I sell it for pennies on the dollar.

I spend a lot more on helmets, summer clothes, winter clothes, shoes, gloves, bike accessories, tools, maint, food & drink for riding, etc. The initial bike purchase is not much compared to all the other expenses.
it's still cheaper than fishingDougSloan
Feb 3, 2003 6:27 AM
I know guys who spend tens of thousands a year on fishing, if you count the boat(s), equipment, fuel, tow vehicles, cabins, etc.

This is a guess on an average annual basis:

$10,000 equipment (some recouped when sold)
$2,000 travel
$700 entry fees
$200 subscriptions/books/dues
$1,000 clothing
$20,000 lost opportunity (money that could be made, but for everything cycling related, including posting here -- hey, it's a real cost)

$33,900 per year

Feb 3, 2003 7:26 AM
That's just ... staggering. Even if you discount lost opportunity (which I agree is a legit expense). I'm just flabbergasted. I'll never feel extaravagant for spending my measly grand a year again.

Has the Wife seen these figures? My wife would shoot me in the head ...
Feb 3, 2003 7:44 AM
It's a hobby. If it weren't cycling, it would be something else. The kid is the hobby, now, though.

Wife has an idea, but it's sort of like the CIA budget.

Actually, the big ticket thereOldEdScott
Feb 3, 2003 7:59 AM
is 10K yearly on equipment purchases. That assumes a lot of churning the stable, with new, expensive bike purchases.

My yearly amortized average is a lot lower, because I tend to keep and ride bikes for a long, long time. My $500 Miyata, bought in 1985 and main ride for 25 years, amortizes out to $20 a year, and going down. The Zurich I bought last year is now $900 a year, also going down. If I ride it for 20 years, $90 a year.

Whether it makes sense or not, it's how I justify it to my wife. "Just 90 bucks a year for so much pleasure, honey!"
Oh no.....Scot_Gore
Feb 3, 2003 7:40 AM
that means I spent almost $2000 watching a complete season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I could of had a new bike.....argh!!!! :)
time is moneyDougSloan
Feb 3, 2003 7:42 AM
Yup. Now, if you watched it while on the trainer, then at least you got some return on your money.

I did, Buffy Summers & Sydney Bristow are my training partners (nm)Scot_Gore
Feb 3, 2003 7:46 AM
I look at it as an investment, and have been lucky...rwbadley
Feb 3, 2003 7:00 AM
In our area bikes are for sale all the time at sometimes very low cost. I tend to buy and sell parts and other items to help defray the cost of my hobby.

I figure the last three (high dollar) bikes I purchased were for a total cost of 4500. These bikes were bought in generally unused condition from private parties for quite a savings. I am hoping that the nature of these bikes will allow me to ride them a bit, and at some point sell for as much or more than I have invested. Some bikes will hold value or even appreciate in value. It depends on the circumstance.

All told I still shell out an average of 400-500 yr on top of the money earned with 'the business'

It's all for fun, and the health benefits are worth it...

Cycling is as cheap or expensive as we make it.Tig
Feb 3, 2003 7:05 AM
$12,000 on a motorcycle? Try more like $25,000 for the average fully chromed and custom painted Harley that you see yuppies on every weekend. I have a neighbor who has a $40,000+ S&S engined Titan that is more customized than the one pictured below!

Like most sports or interests, cycling is as expensive or cheap as we make it. Typically as our incomes rise, so does our spending. After we mature and truly understand the complete spectrum of enjoyment cycling gives us, we focus more on the activity and not the bikes, clothes, and technical goodies. The lust factor is still there, but maybe our values keep us on course.
very little--maybe $3500 in the last 20 yearsContinental
Feb 3, 2003 7:51 AM
In the last 20 years--5 bikes ($ inflation adjusted) $1200, $500, $300, $100 (Ebay), $30 (yes, $30 at a garage sale). 3 pairs shoes, $60 each. 1 pair of totes boots with cutout for cleats, $10. 5 pair shorts, $40 each. 2 pair tights $30 each, 1 cateye computer $40. 2 helmets $40 each, 2 pair gloves $20 each, and $30 per year on tires, parts. 2 bike carriers, $300. Normal non-cycling windbreakers, sweaters, nylon pants, jerseys, etc work fine and I like the fred factor.
Do you really consider cycling cost as an expense???wasabekid
Feb 3, 2003 9:14 AM
Whenever somebody becomes "surprisingly amazed" how expensive my cycling hobby(passion) is, I just say that the so-called expense is --- an advance payment to the deductible portion of my medical insurance. It my way of spending money and "keep" staying healthy (thru exercise) instead of spending money "trying" to get healthy (thru meds & hospital costs) and most importantly having fun at the same time.

From this viewpoint, I don't really think it is costing me anything.


MUCH more then I tell my wife!...nmasphalt assault
Feb 3, 2003 9:41 AM