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(nm) 1st time on rollers, any advice?(8 posts)

(nm) 1st time on rollers, any advice?BNA_roadie
Feb 2, 2003 2:40 AM
Knowing my first experience, get bandaids! nmJuanmoretime
Feb 2, 2003 4:32 AM
re: (nm) 1st time on rollers, any advice?seyboro
Feb 2, 2003 4:58 AM
You might wish to start your rollers in between some sort of support structure, such as a door frame, two cars, a narrow hallway etc. You won't fall off that way and, leaning against one side support to start, pedaling is quite safe.
After you feel comfortable holding on with one hand, let go more and more often, preferably while looking at a 'target' straight ahead ( a TV works for many).
Finally, get out of the sneakers and try the same thing clicked in. Rollers have that je-ne-sais-quois/Euro-peloton-TT-warm-up-aura, but really aren't that mysterious.
re: (nm) 1st time on rollers, any advice?Rob Sal
Feb 2, 2003 6:32 AM
Beaware that riding on rollers will cause a build up of static electricity. Make sure the first thing you touch after a long session is earthed!!!
ride in a doorwaywheelsucker
Feb 2, 2003 9:57 AM
call me a puss but I've been riding rollers for 2 years and still ride in a doorway. Better safe than sorry, if you lose concentration/balance for even a second you could still fly off.
doing a search is a great way to start nmcollinsc
Feb 2, 2003 10:18 AM
re: (nm) 1st time on rollers, any advice?spuncrazy
Feb 2, 2003 11:27 AM
One of the best things to do is, get someone to stan to the side of the bike and hold the bike at the headtube and seat post while you start to ride. This way you get to feel what the balance point feel like. Half the battle is getting up long enough to feel that balance point. I have done this to (3) people and they have been sucessful first time all 3. Also pick a point out away from the front wheel so you don't macro steer every little movment.
hope this helps
re: (nm) 1st time on rollers, any advice?morkm
Feb 2, 2003 6:19 PM
I got a set of rollers about a month ago. My number one thing to learn was to wear my cleats and to clip in. I tried getting the hang of the rollers in a pair of running shoes, but I just found that I could not balance well without my feet clipped in. I found that the best way to get going on them was to put a tall chair next to the rollers to balance with one hand. After getting started, it just took a little bit of nerve to let go of the chair. Most important was to look at a spot on the floor about a foot or so in front of the rollers (about where a rear hub would be if you were following someone). Once I got the hang of that, watching tv (set up directly in front of me) became a if I could just operate the damn remote....hopefully with more practice I'll be able to change channels and figure out a way to give my butt a break every now and then...15-20 minutes leaves me a bit numb in the groin area.