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Poll - Moots or IF?(19 posts)

Poll - Moots or IF?RCole
Jan 31, 2003 9:10 PM
Both are beautiful ti bikes. Which one would you choose and why? Moots Vamoots or IF Ti Crown Jewel?
Independent FabricationsSpoke Wrench
Feb 1, 2003 4:38 AM
I have no logical basis for my bias. In general, I kind of feel like Moots stuff has a little "gimicky" image for my taste while IF has a cleaner design image.
gimicky ? (nm)LactateIntolerant
Feb 1, 2003 9:39 AM
Both IF and Moots are small companies with there own giminks.Ambishawn
Feb 2, 2003 9:16 AM
Sure beats OCLV, Metal Matrix, or Propriority 10 sided tubing touted by the big companies. The big companies have advertising campaigns that are so full of bull$hit how can one call Moots or IF gimiky? Moots and IF mainly tout the craftsmanship and ride that there product offers without claiming a breakthrough or paradigm that will change cycling as we know it.
Feb 1, 2003 5:56 AM
I have ridden a Vamoots, but not the IF. I don't have enough miles on a Vamoots to tell you it's the greatest, etc., however. Got a chance to ogle an IF for quite a while too. You are right, they are both beautiful. Isn't custom w/IF no longer a upcharge whereas it is with Moots? That might be something to consider.

In the end, at this price point, you have to go with fit as a primary goal and with the bike that really speaks to you secondarily.

My vote: Moots. The fit would be right on and they speak to me way more than IF ever will. I wouldn't kick the IF out of bed (garage) though.
Feb 1, 2003 6:31 AM
I just ordered the Vamoots. LBS carried IF, Moots and many high end steel/alum/cf bikes. Owner recommended Moots over IF for road bike. I ride a Moots mountain bike and there is something fantastic about it that cannot be quantified or articulated. You just know it doesn't get any better. I'm hoping the same is true with the Vamoots. By the way, I'm on a Litespeed now which is great in every analytical sence. But for me it's not magical like my Moots is.
Feb 1, 2003 6:48 AM
That's funny because I have a Litespeed as well. (ULtimate). My buddies think I'm nuts for goinf with another Ti frame. They say "Aluminum", "Steel", blah blah blah. I don't know. Maybe Iam nuts but I think either of these two would be very different from my Ultimate.
Feb 1, 2003 6:44 AM
I think you're right. Custom with IF is no longer an upcharge. Fortunately, I fit their standard sizes so delivery might be quicker if I go that direction.
So, what would you put on it Record or Dura Ace?GrabTheBarsAndHurt
Feb 1, 2003 7:23 AM

Asking what bike, a Moots or an IF is like asking 'who would I sleep with, Selma Blair or Jennifer Garner'?

Being a Colorado boy, Moots has a certain allure ... but I have an IF Planet X and it's an amazing bike.
So, what would you put on it Record or Dura Ace?RCole
Feb 1, 2003 11:14 AM
Jennifer Garner and Dura Ace!!
Moots, but under the Hampsten badgeTig
Feb 1, 2003 9:20 AM
Exact same price and bikes, but "Hampsten" has more appeal to me than "Moots", being a long time fan of Andy. Not anything important though.
plus: Hampsten geometry favours long torso and armscolker
Feb 1, 2003 1:12 PM
not sure about the ti model. his steel line prices have gone through the roof! they were selling their tig model for -1000; now it's close to 1500. almost bought one some time a go. i really like his geometry.
Ti geometry is same as Moots', but close to his steel. -nmTig
Feb 2, 2003 4:28 AM
Feb 1, 2003 9:38 AM
Although it's one of those questions that has no wrong answer, I would go with the Moots. I have a Vamoots and couldn't be happier with it. Granted, weld appearance isn't the sole measure of quality, but IMO at this price point it's a factor and nobody does it better than Moots. I have never seen a ti IF, but I've seen many Litespeeds, Merlins, Sevens and a couple of Serotta Legend Tis and none of them comes close to the welds on a Moots. The IF may be as nice as the Moots, but it won't be better.
Feb 1, 2003 12:57 PM
I tested an IF and found it to be a well built ride and rather liked the ride quality; one wouldn't go wrong with it.

The Vamoots has been under me for about 8k miles now and I love it. Comfy over the long hauls without losing a lot in the sprint. The geometry is pretty generic, but Moots tweaked the frame to my preferences just as I requested. As mentioned above, build quality is top notch. The 5900 is also a fine ride, well engineered and successfully eliminates any hint of a builder's craftsmanship. The Vamoots is at the other end of that curve: Nothing fancy or high tech, just precise assembly, taking time with the welds, Breezer style dropouts....

BTW, the other Ti rides in the garage are a Vortex and a Merlin... The Moots is the A-ride.
Feb 1, 2003 1:20 PM
Rob and the guys are the best at Seven. You can't go wrong with them.

Since the question was about IF and Moots:
At the same time, John B. and the IF crew are great! I've taken a personal tour of their facilities when they were getting the TI part of their program off the ground, and it looks first rate!
Not SEVEN but, sevenryder1
Feb 3, 2003 5:14 AM
Have you seen the new decals? I don't like the look even though you can get without the colors - I like the
simple caps better. At this price I have to like everything about the bike, and this turned me off.
re: Poll - Moots or IF?Ron L
Feb 1, 2003 2:55 PM
RCole, I have a question for you, e-mail me at
Ron L.
I own a YBB and a Steel Crown JewelAmbishawn
Feb 1, 2003 9:22 PM
You can't go wrong with either but I kinda lean more in the direction of the Moots due to there extensive reputation and sucess with titanium. Moots frames have the best welds I'd ever seen. The IF is also a more expensive option than the Vamoots even after going custom. I'd never ridden a Ti Crown Jewel but recently met a lady cyclist from a local club on her Ti Crown jewel with full record and was blown away with the craftsmanship of her frame. I liked the shotpeed finish better than My Moots finish anf the welds were a lot like Moots double pass I belive (Merlin influence) I went with the steel Crown Jewel over the Ti because I hadent had a steel frame since my BMX bike in the 80's. IF had built there reputation on steel with limited experence with Ti. Dont get me wrong, I have no doubts about IF Ti frames as I'm considering one for my wife over a Litespeed. I will have My Steel Crown Jewel for the rest of My life as it is the best riding road bike I'd ridden but both or all three (if you count the Steel Crown Jewel) are winners in My Book. As far as the chicks mentioned in other replies are concerned I'd sleep with Altanis Morisette over those two. She's absolutly beutiful, a triathilete, and is really in touch with her soul. Better yet I have My wife.