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Motobecane Fly Team as a road bike & atb alternative?(2 posts)

Motobecane Fly Team as a road bike & atb alternative?carlos x
Jan 30, 2003 2:08 PM
I have two old bikes - an old heavy Trek road bike and a real heavy Raleigh ATB. I have been thinking about upgrading one this year. On road bikes I just go once a week with a group on a 40 mile ride -- the rest of the time I ride cross country mountain style.

Anyway, I go by the book store today for my 'bike magazine fit' and I notice both Mountain Biking and Mountain Bike Action are writting up this Motobecane Fly Team. And that Mountain Biking is picking it XC RACE BIKE OF THE YEAR. What really interests me is; this bike is under 20lbs with knobby tires.

So I am wondering; can I kill two birds with one stone? If I get some 1.25 tires to switch out and bring the bike down to 19lbs - way won't it be a good road bike too? In miami it is flat and I do not need big downhill gear - so maybe it would work

Also - is it possible that with a spare normal fork for the MS150 I could get it down to 18lbs - or would that matter?

any opinion is welcome and respected
better stay on flat ground LOLphil the wheel
Jan 30, 2003 4:10 PM
no - actually not an insane idea
but that 44/12 is a high gear only good for a spinner on flat ground

I think you can find 26x1 tires that are 100lb pressure

fork would drop you another 2lbs !

worst case - you have the lightest production mountain bike around