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Cervelo Prodigy 1" Head Tube?(4 posts)

Cervelo Prodigy 1" Head Tube?azdesertrat
Jan 29, 2003 6:44 PM
The '02 Cervelo Prodigy is a sweet bike. I'm definitely considering this as one of my top choices. But what's with the 1" head tube? Is this a bad thing for a 195 lb rider? Will it be flexy? The bike is thermacrom steel so I'm sure it's strong. Is this typical for a steel frame? The reviews on this bike don't mention it as a concern. What do you all think?
Answers on their sitesctri
Jan 29, 2003 7:00 PM
Check out, under the FAQs.. its adressed


According to their FAQ pagespeedisgood
Jan 29, 2003 7:06 PM
they like the 1" headtubes for aerodynamic reasons. They don't see any advantage in the 1 1/8" cuz it just pushes that much more air around. I dunno if I agree with that reason completely, however, I wouldn't think "only" having a 1" HT should be a problem. Big people have gotten by fine with that standard for years. I have 1" HT's on all 4 of my bikes and I've never had any problems.
re: Cervelo Prodigy 1" Head Tube?Akirasho
Jan 29, 2003 7:10 PM

Everything and anything can be flexed... as to how much is too much will depend on a variety of factors including your strength and style of riding. Will you have an opportunity to test ride this rig?

1" steerers (both threadless and threaded) have been around for years and only recently have they been challenged (like oversized bars/stems in a search for increased stiffness (again, of which, you may or may not need)). While in the long run, I suspect that 1" steerers will eventually disappear (they're extinct save for inexpensive MTB's with the offroad crowd), they should remain on the road front long enuff to make purchase of a 1" headtubed frame viable for a few more years (most fork and stem makers still support both).

If you like the bike, I see no reason why a 1" steerer should be of concern (got a 1" equipped P2K with an Ouzo Pro Aero CF fork with no undue flex (albeit, it's a TT bike and doesn't see the stresses of a crit bike)).

Be the bike.