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Bike value question...(4 posts)

Bike value question...Triphop
Jan 29, 2003 12:44 PM
You all probably hate these questions. Sorry, but I don't have another resource to ask.

A friend is really interested in buying a road bike, she is a school teacher, which equates to not having much $$. A mutual friend has a bike for sale, and I am a bit sketchy on the price being asked. It isnt a stock bike, so I don't know how to price gauge it. Actaully I don't know that much about it, other than it is a Cervelo frame, few years old, with old Shimano 600 grouppo. The asking price is $600. I was thinking it should be no more than $400. Any thoughts?

The other thing I was thinking, my friend would only be using it for fitness purposes, so shouldn't she be considering steel for a more comfortable ride?


-is buying a bike from a friend like buying a car from a friend, a bad idea?
Impossible to tell.djg
Jan 29, 2003 12:58 PM
Buying a bike from a friend may be less risk prone than buying a car from a friend--there's less to go wrong and less on the line if it does--and consequently may be less risky for the friendship.

The first question I'd ask is whether the bike really fits her. Does she know? Do you? If not, the question should be answered. If it doesn't fit, the question of value probably becomes irrelevant.

Second, I'd want to know which Cervelo frame is on the block and whether the components are contemporary with the frame. Shimano 600 components were pretty good, but they are not very recent vintage (I don't know the last year of manufacture, but they were the predecessor to the Ultegra line). So I'd want to know about the condition of the components and I'd want to have their age, use, and datedness taken into account in pricing.

As for the frame: this could be a recent vintage and very nice frame that's had old but workable components slapped onto it or it could be an old and heavily used frame. I'd want to know the model and the vintage, as well as the condition. In addition, I'd want to check that you are not looking at a Time Trial frame--Cervelo makes road frames but they made their name with TT frames and, quite apart from the AL vs. Steel question, I'm guessing that your teacher friend is not going to be best suited by some aero machine with a 78 degree seat tube angle.
A few years old with Shimano 600?onespeed
Jan 29, 2003 12:59 PM
Hearing Shimano 600 leads me to believe the bike is more than a few years old.

$200 tops.
A few years old with Shimano 600?Triphop
Jan 29, 2003 1:28 PM
Thanks guys, you two pretty much confirmed my hesitations. I am not sure about the fit, but figured it wouldnt even be worth the time to check, if the price isn't right.