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Asking for opinions....(3 posts)

Asking for opinions....mainframe
Jan 29, 2003 7:31 AM
I'm in the process of building up a second ride. I have been considering upgrading my shifters and RD from Ultegra to DA (present Ultegra would go to the second ride and already have DA crank/FD on the primary bike). The central question is whether a noticeable difference will be forthcoming with the DA shifters/RD and if so, is that difference worth additional bucks? Or, should I buy Ultegra again and have it on both? Not dissatified with Ultegra, just need some input on whether DA is that much better.
It depends on a lot of thingsMR_GRUMPY
Jan 29, 2003 8:09 AM
Do you race?
Do you put in a lot on miles every year?
Do you have a problem with too much cash?
Or, do you just want them?
If the answer to any one of these is yes, go for it.
Since you've got to buy something...biknben
Jan 29, 2003 8:49 AM
You got to get one or the other right. Why not try the better stuff out and see what you think. The difference is minimal. For some, that is all that matters. If you have a little extra cash I would say go for it.