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Are the headsets threaded or the frame?(10 posts)

Are the headsets threaded or the frame?PODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Jan 28, 2003 11:05 PM
So anyway I have a Cyclops frame (small Canadian builder) with a threaded fork. However, I have a Cramerotti carbon fork I'd like to possibly put on it. Do I just need to change the headset or is there more to it?

Also how would a fork with longer rake affect a track frame?

Thanks in advance,
just change your headset to aheadset (unthreaded)phil the wheel
Jan 29, 2003 1:42 AM
you should probably have a dealer install your fork - they have the proper tools
Is this the fork from the Camerotti??Alexx
Jan 29, 2003 6:19 AM
If the fork is threadless, then you will need a threadless headset, and a threadless stem, as well. A fork with extra rake (offset) will become unstable at high speeeds.
re: unstablecyclopathic
Jan 29, 2003 6:37 AM
most forks have rake in 40-45mm and mordern frames designed around "ideal" 56mm trail. In reallity depend on frame size and tire trail may be as low as 53mm or as much as 60+ on smaller frames. Going from 40 to 45 will be noticable but 43 to 45 won't.
Fork is near straght bladePODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Jan 29, 2003 6:43 AM
Its almost a straight blade fork... just a tiny bit of rake. The Cramerotti fork I have (brand new) has just a bit more rake.

re: straight blade forkcyclopathic
Jan 29, 2003 6:57 AM

it probably has as much rake as the curved fork. Straight blades come out of crown at the angle. 2mm diff isn't something you can measure with tape, I'd suggest search web or to call mfg/retailer you got bike from and find ##.

BTW does new fork has the same size steer? is it 1"?
re: Are the headsets threaded or the frame?motta
Jan 29, 2003 6:34 AM
Your threadless Cramerotti fork is probably 1.25", while the threaded Cyclops is 1". Check the size of the Cramerotti, if it is 1" (not likely)then you just need a new headset and stem.
Nick, Nick, Nick...brider
Jan 29, 2003 6:38 AM
The cup (at the bottom of the head tube) and race (at the top of the head tube) in the frame are press-fit, as well as the race on the fork crown. It's the top cup on the fork steerer tube that is either threaded or threadless. The difference is that the threads in the older style headsets provide the bearing tension adjustment, while the threadless require a cap that tensions the headset through the stem clamp. Unless you have the proper tools, I wouldn't try to set the head tube or crown parts. Let a shop do that.
re: let the shop do it.cyclopathic
Jan 29, 2003 7:06 AM
agree. though I had hammered headsets in frame with a 2x4 this is not something I'd reccomend; not every frame/headset can take it. Headset press runs ~100$ and remover tool another 25$ it is cheaper to pay $20 to have headset replaced.
Jan 29, 2003 7:52 AM
Yes, the Park press runs a lot of coin (and the Campy a lot MORE coin), but I got a press a long time back (I think it was from Nashbar) that was nothing more than thread stock with some nuts and washers. Works pretty well. All one would have to do to make their own is to get the appropriate size nuts and thread stock, and grind down the larger nuts to near round. I've used it on several bikes with absolutely no problems. But still, for as often as headsets need to be replaced, it would probably be easier (and possibly cheaper) to have the shop do it.